Tannoy Sound Netherby Road area

Hi there, I live at the top Netherby Road and for the last 5 or so weeks there has been a tannoy-like announcement every 30 seconds or so from a location nearby. Its not loud enough to make out the words, but its driving me slightly mad.
Please can anyone else hear it, or know where its coming from? Thanks

This vehicle is reversing?

All day?

I traced it this morning to Greystead Rd flats. It’s the speaker attached to the 5G mast. God only knows how residents are coping with it.

They’re being reprogrammed via 5G - they won’t notice it.


Perhaps you have a mutation allowing you to hear the 5G signal.

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In all seriousness though, why is there a speaker on a phone network mast? Is it some kind of early warning system test that’s stuck to ‘On’ - what’s the message? I’d be tempted to go check it out if I could actually move today due to the heat.

Is this it:

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I filmed it this morning and was hoping to share it, but it’s the wrong file type apparently. It says ‘warning, no telephone line is connected’

Pop the vid on YouTube / Vimeo etc then post a link here, and the vid will be shown on the forum

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Don’t burn it down you will be on the news as a nut who thinks covid is spread by tannoys