Taste of Greek

Last night we ordered from Taste of Greek which had popped up on Just East. It appears new. According to their address they are located on Dartmouth Road a couple of doors away from the Fortune Inn.

For a Greek restaurant I would’ve like to have seen more choice. But what we did order (kato bacon and gyros) was delicious.


That reminded me of a really popular greek restaurant on London Road back in the 70s and 80s called ‘El Greco’. Anybody remember that?
I found a later photo of the premises after it had changed to an Indian restaurant called ‘Pakeezah’. You can see (above the red lorry) the restaurant on the 1st floor with the entrance via the ground floor under the green canopy. I seem to remember the shop directly below was a gift shop called ‘The Yellow Door’.



I can remember probably early 70s the restaurant in that location call’ The Doves’, Through the door at pavement level and up the stairs . Sort of Greek/ Steakhouse.


Taste of Greek is Taste of Turkish rebranded.

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Tried them for a second time last night. And as much as the first effort was great this was one of the worst takeaways I’ve had in a while. Went for the chicken gyros at £10.50 and received a pita bread with salad, a scattering of gyros and about 11 chips.

Such a shame.

Taste of Greek is a new shop new management

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