Taxi to Heathrow?

Advice appreciated re the best way to get to Heathrow early on a Saturday morning, before the trains start. Assuming uber/ taxi?
Many thanks

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Last time I had an early flight I stayed over in Heathrow but we got some sort of deal - looking at it now it isnt that cheap.
When my sister stayed over she uber’d it and it was reasonable but that was a while back…
This thread may help

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£45 with Forest Hill Cars when I took one last month.


Thank you - yes thinking about Uber

For Heathrow I’d do a pre book. All you need is lack of availability and a surge and then it’s over £100 as my sister unfortunately found out.

Thank you for the helpful advice.

We used Green Tomato cars at £60 a few yrs ago.

You could try Zipcar Flex. You have to drop it at Heathrow Terminal 5, but at that time of day will cost you about £12-15.

My colleague has used this countless time and loves it.

I used to use FH cars when I flew from LHR a lot - they were well priced and very reliable, which is what I wanted in the early morning. I had Uber drivers cancel a few times, which was just unnecessary stress when I had to get to the airport.

Thank you