Taymount Bakery - still looking for a space!

Hello, Holly again…

It’s been a few months since I last posted looking for a space to open a community bakery. I am still baking from my flat and am still on the lookout for a premises to let in the local area, so if anyone has any leads it would be most appreciated!

If you are interested in what i’ve been up to, Service Abnormal, a group of filmmakers documenting London’s adjusting food industry, came to pay me a socially distanced visit towards the end of a prep day for the bakery. The interview they recorded can be viewed on my website at the link below…


Thanks again!



Good for you & lovely film too!
Wish you all the best :+1:

Good luck!

Maybe cllr @LeoGibbons could help?

Thankyou so much! Looking at a few spaces this week so fingers crossed…


Thanks! The support is much appreciated!

Have you considered Sydenham high street? It’s busier than Forest Hill and from what I recently recollect there’s a few units available. Furthermore, have you considered a collaboration with On the Hoof? They’re the owners of the platform coffee stalls from Sydenham to New Cross and they must get through hundreds of pastries a day. Just a thought.


What about the old pharmacy on the end of Woolstone road on the corner of Perry Hill? If you’re not familiar there were two competing pharmacies next to each other and they merged about a year or so ago.

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I guess we’ll have to wait on the OP and what her goals and limitations are. I’m assuming she wants somewhere to bake on a greater scale afforded by a domestic kitchen but it wasn’t made clear if she wanted a shop where she can sell directly to the public. I live in Perry Vale and personally I don’t think it ticks enough boxes for commuters looking to grab a bite to eat on the way to work. Who wants to spend more on a locally sourced product and not be able to enjoy it on account of having to scoff it on the way to the station on foot?

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