(Ted) Christmas Houses in Forest Hill and Sydenham

More about Ted Christmas from Steve Grindlay http://sydenhamforesthillhistory.blogspot.com/2008/11/spirit-of-christmas.html

And the conservation area that is close to approval: http://www.foresthillsociety.com/2018/09/christmas-conservation-area.html


Being close to the new conservation area, as I am, I get to enjoy these distinct South London homes. Though I’m glad I’m not in the conservation area. Nightmare. I like the quirkiness of Christmas’ naming conventions. But most I love the interiors. At least those which are still intact.

Running Post is one of my favourite history blogs for the region. I’d recommend anyone with an interest to follow Paul on his Twitter account or sign up for notification from his blog site. He’s been doing some great blogs on the area’s suffragette movement.


Hi Starman, curious to know why you consider it a nightmare to live in the conservation area? I’m currently considering a move there.

I think her must mean because of difficulties regarding extentions to properties, chopping down trees etc.
We’ve lived in the conservation area 8 years its lovely

Thanks maxrocks, I was thinking the same. Not an issue for us.

I think the fact that people have difficulties with extensions, chopping down trees and removing their gardens is probably part of the appeal. The issues tend to be more that border properties remove their trees and build extensions/redevelop chipping away at some of their character.

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Thanks Emma. Do you know what the restrictions are on reconfiguring a garden in a Christmas property? Nothing dramatic, just moving and/or removing some small trees, planting new ones, etc.

Tadhg, I don’t think you will have any issues with minor changes to your garden including removing trees if you have to. I was thinking of major changes such as removing your garden to put in a driveway. I think the Christmas houses on Thorpewood have not had a conversion in about 20 years which is probably not great for the residents but good for the rest of us as you have about a 100 metres of continuous gardens.

That’s really helpful, thanks Emma.