Tesco garage

Anyone know what’s happening here?
Is it just a re-furb?

Looks like some storage extension being built for the Tesco. From DC/21/120809 - Installation of a Modular Extension at the side of Tesco Express 86 London Road SE23:

Planning was approved in May 2021.

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Yup according to the sign. Should reopen on the 24th July


I was surprised when I walked past last night to see it closed. I hadn’t noticed anything the week before when I was in.

I’m wondering if they’re giving it a bit of a refit while they have the chance.

There was a yellow notice up for some time, but it might have been confused with the perpetual water leak / spring from the pavement just there, which Thames Water had a poke about with a few weeks back :slight_smile:

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yes… I’m kinda blind to TW these days! I did see one but think I thought if it was modular, they’d just stick it up rather than shutting the whole thing down. Then again, I think I paid at pump last time so perhaps not surprising I missed it.


I wonder how long the refit will last? Surely come 2030 or so Tesco will find it more profitable to expand over the forecourt faced with a dwindling demand for its product.

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The BP garage on Stanstead Road has electric charging points. Possibly other garages will do the same in future.

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Petrol stations exist because you have to have large underground storage tanks. Electricity is everywhere. Electric chargers can be located anywhere that has a lampost rather than the centralised legacy petroleum model. Anybody with off street parking will charge at home (it’s less than half the cost of commercial chargers). Commercial vehicles will charge at work whenever possible for the same reason.

Moreover most people will probably opt for ‘trickle-charging’ overnight rather than shorten the life of expensive batteries with too many fast charges. So while motorway service stations will be festooned with fast chargers - the demand around the south circular may be rather less. I could be wrong. Here is an alternate view of what it may become out of town: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1lAkndYumo


I still wonder if hydrogen may have a place in the future and potentially give forecourts some extended usefulness.

Or possibly landing strips for flying fusion cars :slight_smile: