TfL ULEZ database updated


Just to let you all know, Transport for London have updated the ULEZ database

This is quite a big change and many vehicles that were previously listed as exempt (e.g. my wife’s car) are now listed as chargeable. Given that the delightful Mayor Khan has decided that the ULEZ will extend to the South Circular, it is worth double checking even if you only drive locally and never travel into central London.


Thanks for this, very helpful to know.

My car is no longer exempt either but to be honest, I am totally in favour of the Mayor’s extension of the ULEZ. My daughter’s health and the quality of air that she breathes in on a daily basis is a damn sight more important to me than being able to continue to drive my ageing car locally without charge, alongside your wife’s and other dirty cars. I am extremely pleased they are now likely to be taken out of the equation. Good riddance. Any little helps.


The only bad thing is the ULEZ zone not being rushed through sooner.


Well, there’s nothing stopping anyone buying a newer car right now; you don’t have to wait for ULEZ.

In our case, the car is mainly used for my wife’s child care business and is petrol, so on g/km per passenger basis for NOx, is very low polluting. Not only that, but we only bought it a couple of years ago and finding newer 8-seater petrol cars is impossible (most cars are either 7-seater petrol or 9-seater diesel van conversions).

And, of course, by the stroke of a key, our current car has plummeted in value (as has yours) so it’s actually become even more expensive to change it. But, hey ho, as long as your in favour of being forced to change your car…


Thanks @Moto_Hodder - Very odd but my Saab - (2006 2 lt automatic) has gone from being not compliant to " not subject to the ULEZ" so I am good. However it a terrible gas guzzler in town so I am uncertain why!

I am ambivalent on the matter. On the one hand this is a blunt instrument that takes no account of distance travelled in the zone and therefore takes no account of the amount of emissions produced. I find this troubling.

However “something must be done” and I am at a loss as to what else could be done at the moment…