Thames Water failure again

All Residents of the Forest Estate (Eliot Bank, Knapdale Close, Grizledale Terrace)

Once again Thames Water as closed off the junction of Eliot Bank and London Road due to they failure to correctly repair a pervious repair which took over eight days to repair with three of them no one working on site and now the road will not be repaired until the 6th March. Which is totally unacceptable and Thames Water and Lewisham Council are putting all the residents at risk as TW needs permission from the council to dig up the road and with the road closure no large emergency vehicles i.e fire engines able to turn into the top road and if someone had spinal injuries ambulances could not use it either also causing damage to other vehicles . I urge all residents to contact the so called three ward councillors to get them to do their jobs properly as I am personally not impressed with their pass performance with raising issues with them

Also put in a official complaint to Thames Water and the three ward councillors. If you have damaged your vehicle using the top part of the road you should be entitled to compensation since they have now increased the price of the water rates. I putting in a claim against them with possible court action against them for damage caused to my car and also withholding my water bill as we need to hold this private company and Lewisham Council to account.

Thames Water ‪0800 714 614 website: ‪

Forest Hill Ward Councillors
Cllr Peter Bernards
Bus. phone: 020 8314 9927
Cllr Leo Gibbons
Bus. phone: 0208 31 46916
Cllr Sophie Davis
Bus. phone: 0208 314 3493

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A very gentle side note here, and clearly a very frustrating situation I’m sure for everyone, but please can we show our elected Councillors due respect please. Thank you.

Update: Thank you @Ernest_J_Thomason for editing your post


Hi I will only show respect when the councillors reply to my e-mails in a reasonable time scales has I mentioned they have been very slow taking up to several weeks or not ever repling. They were elected to serve the community and in my view has failed no matter of what party.

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They might reply sooner if you treat them with respect. They’re human after all.

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Hi Chris

This not a personally attack on anyone and aware that they are humans but have mentioned before and given them reasonable time to reply they have a certain conduct and standard set by the council as they are paid by the residents. I am not the only person unhappy with their performance. If I was to do this at work I would expect to be sacked due to work capabilities

As you are a non-resident now you don’t have to put up with this kind of service from the local councilors.

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I dont think respect, or lack of it, is the issue here. If we dont think our councillors are doing their jobs properly, aren’t we allowed to say so, publicly if we want to? Isn’t that what democracy’s all about?


@robin.orton - yes you are allowed to say anything you want to publicly, but if using this site, note that the guidelines in the FAQ are quite clear on being civil and respectful:

Once again, it is a very gentle note and reminder; please let’s be courteous to each other and not let language distract from the issues raised.

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When it comes to roadworks undertaken by utilities - like Thames Water - the Council may not have the control you think they may have. Particularly if the utility is responding to an emergency. That is not to say a utility shouldn’t come under scrutiny for their actions in this regard.

But if you feel the FH Councillors are reacting appropriately you can always take them to task in person at their regular surgeries.

I’m not sure how this would affect Lewisham Council. But I would strongly counsel against non-payment of your bills. While you may have a grievance with Thames Water there is nothing which would absolve you from non-payment should they wish to pursue you in a court.


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The repair still have not been repaired, I contacted Thames Water on Monday to try and get the leak upgraded. This morning when I left and the contractor was present but no work was been done and returned about 4:15pm this afternoon and they was just siting in their van. I am contacted Thames Water to complaint about the them not doing any work as I founded out the permit runs out on Friday making it seven days to do a repair which was done a couple of weeks ago and failed which was enough time to reinstate the road. Also urge anyone who has been using the unmade road (Top of Eliot Bank and Julian Taylor path) and have damaged their vehicle take photos of damage and photos of the road showing the large potholes and send the garage invoice and put in a claim against them at if I don’t get any result will take it to the Water Regulator OWAT

I am personally withholding my water bill of over £600 until they deal with my complaint if everyone done this a hold them to ransom it will put them in a difficult position. It like it you went into the local supermarket (no names mentioned) you would expect a certain level of customer services has you are paying for it. This action might put pressure on them to reduce the bills to compensate for the major inconvenience caused.

Just been informed that the road will be closed until Sunday this total unacceptable and urge everyone to contact the three councillors to put serious pressure on Thames Water and to contact Thames Water to put in a serious complaint against them and threated them with legal action for compensation.

Good luck, it certainly sounds annoying and a reasonably inefficient way of working and disturbing residents.

Just FYI, I think there is a typo in the email address in case you’ve pasted it in from one you were using, and it might be worth re-editing your post to fix it .

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Thanks oakr for informing me of the typo in the e-mail, I have now corrected it.

Been informed by Forest Resident Association that Thames Water want to extend the permit to Tuesday which Lewisham Council refused and they was suppose been done by Friday no work was done at all over the weekend. I am pressing the local MP Ellie Reeves to put a motion through parliament for more accountability to these utilities companies and local council to have the power to fine these companies and to stop them passing it on to the customers or call 020 7219 2668.

I am urging everyone that has not paid for they recent water bill to withhold it until they either reduced the bill to compensate for the inconveince caused by their failure once again where the chair is getting paid £325k (2018) per year for a two day week

Here the pass history with the largest amount of complaints of any of the water companies

We have got to hold these chairs and companies to account

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Despite any grievance a householder may have with Thames Water, just be aware dissatisfaction would not be considered a justifiable reason to withhold payment. While thankfully Thames Water cannot switch you off, the will likely pursue unpaid bills through the legal system with recourse to county court action along with enforcement actions such as the use of debt collectors.

If anyone is planning to withhold payment then please do so with eyes wide open.