Thames Water smart-meter roll-out


Just had a visit by a chap from Thames Water.

They’re installing smart meters in Honor Oak and have scheduled installation in early March for my house.

I had some questions:

  • How does it work for Victorian half-houses like mine, with a shared water supply from the street?
    A meter is installed under the sink in each half house
  • What’s the likely impact on bills?
    Nothing for two years, but comparison reports will be sent every three months. When smart billing is activated, apparently 60% of customers benefit financially or see their bills remain the same
  • How big is the meter under my sink?
    The size of a can of beans

Has anyone else had a smart-meter fitted? How’s it going so far?


Do you have to accept the meter?

A few years ago in Camberwell I invited Thames Water to install a meter. At that time I lived on my own so felt my water usage was way below the “average” from which my bills were derived. However, there were unable to install a meter in my property, something about the location of the “split” for the two units in the house.

I was then offered a 20% single person discount.

Wonder if that policy still applies?


From their pamphlet:


Since installing a meter my bills went down from £26 to £16 a month so was worth it for me


Due to real concerns about the lack of water in London …

Not from SE23, we very often have water spontaneously erupting from the ground and it doesn’t stop for days.


How’s this for ridiculous. I’m working with a company that has a technology which can refurbish London’s potable water pipes by effectively building a new pipe from the inside that is both structural, cheap and done with a minimum of disruption to the surface or break in water supply.

This innovation has been stalled by the water regulator.


Thames Water has a page which should advise when smart metering is being rolled out in your area. But the search function is not recognising my post code. I’ve tried entering in different formats and on both my laptop and mobile devices. Would anyone else have any luck?


Same for me :frowning:


When you hover your cursor over the link, the url displayed on screen looks very odd! You’re sure it’s safe? I can’t find a link to a page like this by working from the Thames Water home page.

Edit: this page (which has a better-looking url) seems to be the same - and has the same problem:


You can get straight to that smart meter site from this Thames Water page:

I assume Thames Water have contracted this out and the smart meter company haven’t got themselves a domain name.



@RachaelDunlop is quite right - you can indeed get to that Thames Water postcode checker that @starman referred to. Apologies for causing a kerfuffle but you just can’t be too careful these days.

However, the postcode checker still doesn’t work so I guess that it’s broken somehow. Flood-damaged, perhaps.


I reported it through Facebook and also asked about when my address on Sunderland Road might see the introduction of Smart Meters. They’ve replied advising the bookings will be made in the next two weeks.

So I guess roll out is moving at a fast pace in Forest Hill.


Had water meters in last 5 properties always saved money against the rate based on your council tax band. Have a flat in the points my tenant requested a meter on my suggestion water company cannot install one so got a discount instead. Quite possibly if the smart meter can be installed at the stopcock inside the property then metering may be possible.


My gas and electric supplier wanted to fit a smart meter, but I have declined. I don’t see an upside for the consumer in allowing yet more household data across the internet.


I agree somewhat but it is inevitable they will be installed or you will pay a premium to have meter reading?
I personally cannot see the benefit of the energy monitor function though as having tried it once you put the kettle on the rating shows your bill will be hundreds of course assuming the kettle boils for a month. So unless they are truly intelligent cannot see the point in monitor function, however just to record the monthly usage for the bill seems innocuous. Currently just enter the meter readings online and the come and check once a year to see if you are fibbing.


I can’t even get the page to come up asking for me to put in my postcode!
Anyone remember a couple of years ago Thames Water vans had signs on them saying how much new pipeline they’d installed the previous year? My reaction was, I’ve got snails in my garden go further than that in a year!


Received a letter yesterday with a request to contact Thames Water about a meter. I’m on Sunderland Road.


I’m in a half house, but we didn’t have any meter installed under the sink. I don’t recall anything in the legal pack saying we had a shared water supply either.


Water meter is definitely worth it don’t know anyone who has not saved money. That is unless you have a swimming pool or lawn sprinkler you use daily.