Thameslink trains from Crofton Park



Hi - does anyone use this service everyday for commuting? I’ve used it in the past when I go filming in Elstree, and I rely on it to be punctual with no delays/cancellations or I’d be in serious trouble. However, I’m hearing that it’s been hit lately with the new timetables. My friend came in this morning from West Hampstead to film at Crofton Park and was 30 mins late because of delays and then had to change at Farrimgdon because everything was running late and they decided the train wouldn’t stop at Crofton Park etc. to save time!

I know that a lot of train lines can be dodgy at times, but has the Thameslink link got particularly bad as of late? If so, I’ll need to factor this in to my journey if I get work in Elstree… being offered compensation if my train is delayed more than 15 minutes, doesn’t make up for being dropped by an agency because I turn up late!


I’ve stopped using Crofton Park since their new timetables. Absolutely no reliability!


But I guess if I need to get to Elstree, I have no choice…that’s the only line that goes up there. Scary thought :o(


I Filmed in Crofton Park last week…so many of the cast had to use the Thameslink train to get to set and back home at night - and encountered terrible delays of up to 40 mins and then cancellations. Some having to change in London on what should have been ‘a direct’ train because it was running late. Is this mess now common on the line?

Plus, I thought they promised to increase the amount of trains on the line, but one person I spoke to who lived in Peckham says that at some times of the day, they’ve halved.


I would suggest you use the Overground to Honor Oak Park as it seems to be reliable.


Many thanks Sherwood…but unfortunately, this time it’s not the answer. The Overground at HOP, is indeed my closer station and an amazing line that is mostly reliable. It’s terrific. However - regarding my need to get to Elstree, the Overground doesn’t take me straight all the way there like Thameslink did/does…and as early as 4.30am in the morning (when working properly)! I’ve been amazed to see - even at the crack of dawn, so many people on that train - and grateful for being taken to such far-flung destinations that no other line near us goes! When Thameslink works, it’s an amazing line. All the way from Kent to Bedfordshire via Central London.

(When it works…)

Hey-ho, I hear they introduced yet another timetable today, so hopefully that is better? Anybody know?


A passenger interviewed on TV described the new timetable as like roulette.

Since I often see Thameslink trains using the middle tracks at Forest Hill, it may be that if you can get to another station (? London Bridge), you may be able to board a Thameslink train.