Thank you, Sainsbury’s HOP customers

I’m a relatively new employee at Sainsbury’s Honor Oak. I have to say that all our customers are so friendly and a pleasure to serve. Long may it continue.


I always find the staff at Sainsburys Honor Oak so friendly!
My boyfriend moved in with me last year (born and bred in Highbury and was very against moving ‘saff of the river’, it took me nearly 3 years to persuade him!)
But the first little glimmer of him admitting he actually liked south London living was by saying that the Sainsburys HoP was the friendliest chain shop/Sainsbury’s he’d ever been into. Keep up the good work guys, you make it feel like a proper neighbourhood shop!


Agree with @wattsicle - there are some lovely people working in that store. Check out our discussion here: Which High Street staff brighten your day?

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