The Art of Time - a talk at St. Bartholomew's by Charles Pickstone

Making art accessible and celebrating the restoration of our unique Vulliamy clock, with light supper included.

I went to a talk by Charles Pickstone a couple of years ago about Angels in art - he is a great speaker and I am sure this talk about Time in art will be just as interesting.

Yes - I was at that talk as well. I’m not usually very good with art but he made it so interesting and even funny I was held throughout. A great speaker.

Great speaker! Looking forward to this. Jane S.

Charles Pickstone is a lovely speaker - interesting and informative and really quite funny at times. At the end of his last talk I realised I had learnt so much but had never felt I was being taught. Terrific gift. And there’s a light supper included in the price, so it’s a great event to finish our celebrations with.

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