The Clumsy Mole (Dec 2017 - Apr 2018)



The Clumsy Mole is open!!! After refurbishing ‘‘Donde tapas’’, we are back, and seeing forward to see all of you there!!!
Great music, food and drinks!!!

The Clumsy Mole (formerly Donde)
Donde Tapas

Many congratulations. Will you offer a home delivery service as you did as Donde Tapas?

#4 users @Angharad_Cooper and @Adz enjoying a bevvy at The Clumsy Mole!


The music was great tonight! :slight_smile:


The sausage sandwich was amazing! - I recommend.


Best of luck!


We’ll pop in! It looked really nice as we walked past yesterday. Do you guys do Sunday roasts by any chance?


Can anybody shed any light on the mole concept? Intrigued.


Steve and I just enjoyed a late lunch at the Mole — we have been having Donde withdrawal symptoms but we loved the new look and the superb food. I really think Jason has pulled it off.

PS Sunday roasts from January.


Popped in last night for early dinner and thought it was very good. I really enjoyed the boiled bacon, bubble and squeak with parsley sauce… not something you see on a pub or restaurant menu very often, and probably not something I’ve had since a kid! The bar is well stocked with cans and bottles of craft beers… the four taps dominated with Adnams choices plus one guest beer.

We were fans of Donde as it was good value and a good local alternative to other options around… I think TCM will still fit that bill nicely and look forward to going back soon.


Went there on both Saturday & Sunday - I love it in there. The food is excellent. The hand cut chips are amazing. The bread they use for the sandwiches is bloody gorgeous.

Long Live the Mole!



We have a real life Basil Fawlty amongst us, Jason has dedicated one of the toilets to that chap in Czech who has the original copyright for the Clumsy Mole and the other to the author of Adrian Mole!! Brilliant Jason!! Haha.


Loved the Haddock and chips, and the beer. Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu.


Anyone know what days it’s open over the holiday period?


Went this weekend. The fish and chips was delicious. Would like there to be some vegetables with the kids meals if possible. Wine very good value. Quite liked all the moles :slight_smile: seating is much more comfortable than before but looks a little like it was a job lot from the local Masonic hall.

All in all, really liked it and can see we’ll be regulars (as we were at Dondes). Would like to see what it’s like in the evening too for drinks.

Ps @ChrisBeach will be pleased to see it states clearly no kids after 8 and last kids meals orders at 7.15


Sounds great @Fran. An opportunity for people who like being surrounded by children, and also an opportunity for adults who like adult company. Good on @TCM for giving both groups the freedom to have what they want.


does anyone know if Sunday roasts have started yet?


I went in today and Sunday roasts are now available.

Had a lovely Gin fizz and my husband had a Beer. Was a bit quiet but was a miserable day. Service was great. Wonder if they could put a little board outside each day with what they have to offer - cocktail happy hour perhaps, roasts etc. Given it’s new and perhaps people are unaware of what it has to offer, this may garner interest?

Will definitely go back.


The Clumsy Mole is back to serving tapas (described as ‘sharing plates’) and abandoning the other menu, with the exception of their burgers. A good move in my opinion.