The Clumsy Mole (formerly Donde)



My favourite bit.

Coming in 2018… Deliveroo.


6x10^23 avocados. That’s a clumsy mole.


:joy: Genius!


“All our grub is made from SCRATCH because that’s what MOLES like to do’

What part of that makes any sense?

Is it a pun saying moles like to scratch (if so eww) or is it simply saying moles like to cook from scratch (which they obviously don’t)


I don’t think I have knowingly ever eaten ‘grub’…


I don’t consider myself to be overly sensitive about political-correctness but that mole logo is screaming ‘black face’ even to me. Not a good look in this day and age.


Wow, I sit here amazed from criticism over the title, wording of the menu to accusations of racial abuse.
What happened to is the food good value, the ambience pleasing and the service exemplary.
I have been in the Red Lion and there is no Lion, the Carpenters Arms no woodworking. Slug & lettuce and would have been horrified to find something in my salad! So finally The Black boy in Wales relating to chimney sweeps.

Come on peeps lets have some common sense!


Yes but those are just names. The Slug and Lettuce doesn’t have a theme or menu that goes on about slugs or lettuce (outside of their salads)!

For me it’s not so much the name or the awful puns, I just think the menu looks a little confused. I’ll still definitely go and give it a go though.


I gotta say if I would be on the brink of opening a new independ business be it revamped business I would be pretty upset about all those negative comments, however I am sure dominos will deliver a much more straight forward branding and menu to keep the locals happy :smiley:


Business owners are made of strong stuff.

If I were opening a local business I’d keenly listen to all comments, good or bad (in fact especially the bad).

Nothing is set in stone. A brand name, logo and some quirks on a tentative menu can be easily changed. If the owner is listening, (s)he has the benefit of an honest local forum.


If Mr Fogg’s Taverne can be highly successful featuring a frog :frog: I am sure there is space for a clumsy mole in this world


£3 seems a bit excessive for one handcut chip.
But then again, I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill.


It’s a chip buttie not a chips buttie.
If you just want hand cut chips these are on the menu without the buttie for less.

However, I’m just reading the menu and i deny having any conversations with anybody on the inside, or placing said person there to spy on the progress. To be clear; i do not have a mole in this organisation.


Anyone want to take a guess at the dessert menu? Jam MOLEy poly, Creme MOLEe.

People saying that we shouldn’t be criticising, businesses pay good money for this kind of feedback. If people are saying they find the menu and concept confusing and a little bit laboured (guacamole seems to have been added to the menu purely because it has mole in the name as it bears little relation to any other dish on the menu) then surely it’s something they would want to know before they open for business?

My guess (or hope) would be that that sample menu, typos and all, was drawn up after a late night redecorating when ‘Shello’ sounded like a good idea for a menu section and The Clumsy Survivor (?) made some kind of sense and that it indicates the direction they want to go not necessarily the finished product.


I thought that about the guacamole - what are you ordering it as a side to?!


The £3 chip perhaps?


Burger, steak, fish & chips, bangers&mash and mussels&frites. All of which seem quite appetising. Its just something about the way the menu is written or laid out, it’s not that clear on first glance what the staples are meant to be. The font for the “sides” is bigger than the mains for example.

Thats just my 2cents. The way a menu is laid out and it’s design is very important in my opinion. Just look how much confusion there is on this forum about what this place is actually focusing on / offering. People are drawn to the wrong things eg: £3 chips (£2 with a main or Free with the mussels!). All of that is not clear.


I’ve sent this thread to Jason, the owner. He said he’s going to be making some changes based on the feedback shared here before opening, and that the comments made him smile. He’s not upset - so no hard feelings!

I’ve encouraged him to set up his own account on, so hopefully he’ll be able to answer any questions soon.


Excellent, thanks @AgentBlonde :+1:


Excellent - I hope the business is a roaring success!