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Mamma Dough just added a new beer:


Walking home from the station last night there was a Lewisham licensing notice on the shutter of one of the recently refurbed shops on the ‘Dawes for Doors’ block of Perry Vale, in the name of Clapton Craft. More craft beer ahoy?


Oh just the thing as I was thinking of getting a brew setup going given the amount of money I seem to spend on beer!

On the subject of favourite local beers then I have to give Hepcat a shout as well as Peckam IPA, Polish IPA and Worm Catcher from Late Knights.
The Kernel brewery do some lovely IPAs and Pale Ales
Also Low Voltage Session I.P.A from Brixton is a treat.

Must shout out to the lovely Crafty Beer shop. The guy who runs it seems like a genuinely nice bloke - I went in on Saturday as I was off camping for a few days and I got a few free ones thrown in plus an extra one (the label had come off!) for luck…


He’s a member of the forum as it happens: @CraftybeerSE23


He’s awesome. And I sit just say that as the kid who is always overawed in his sweet shop of awesomeness


Walking home from the station last night there was a Lewisham licensing notice on the shutter of one of the recently refurbed shops on the ‘Dawes for Doors’ block of Perry Vale, in the name of Clapton Craft. More craft beer ahoy?

Pretty tough break for the Crafty Beer shop if that does turn out to be the case. Clapton Craft seem to be pretty serious. We’d better get drinking more beer to support both!


Indeed. I’ll stop by and pick a couple of bottles up tonight.

Confirmed that Clapton Craft are intending to open next door to the convenience store there, but they need the licence in place before they can agree the lease so it’ll be a while yet.


Whikst a strong supporter of healthy competition, i cant see the value of a specialist shop selling craft beer opening a few metres of another one. I can only see one succeeding through the failure of the other.


I think what @RachaelDunlop said about competing pizza restaurants may apply equally here:

If Forest Hill becomes known as a destination for craft beer enthusiasts, I think the “catchment area” of local craft beer shops will increase.

Topics like this one ought to help too - @CraftybeerSE23 now has a good Google ranking for a “craft beer forest hill” search, thanks to


just a tip for anyone who has an amex issued credit card (as opposed to a card issued by someone else which has the amex logo on it): You can currently opt in for a ‘spend £40 get £10 back’ offer with beer hawk on the amex website. On my first visit to beerhawk a pop-up offered me 10% off my first order for signing up to mailing list. So I ordered £55 worth of stuff for under £40.

Mainly Beavertown and some Belgian dubbels… yum.


Any suggestions for a good Pilsner type beer that is fairly “normal” without a wacky twist or “unique” additive? As ChrisBeach knows, I am a bit of a lager pleb but do enjoy a good Pilsner. Windhoek is my favourite but hard to get and expensive.


Budvar is hard to beat IMHO if after a Pilsner style. Not a craft beer though, more of an established classic. Easy to get.


Whilst I agreed with @RachaelDunlop there (it was a thread I started) I’m not quite sure the same applies so well in this circumstance. Her expressed concern was restaurants and cafes would be too full as to dissuade her to come into the area. I’m not sure the same concern can be applied to retail of this nature. Crafty Beer has hardly been busy enough at any one time to make me wish there was another alternative that could sell me craft beer.

The better analogy might be whether FH could use another high end butcher a couple of doors from the Butchery. Or another sweet shop across the road from @Pauline. Or another board shop on Perry Vale. Perhaps yes… and with increased competition FH consumers would get even better service and lower prices. But from what I’ve seen communities such as FH seldom are able to maintain multiple specialist stores of these types. And as for FH becoming some mecca for craft beer enthusiasts I very much down this is on the cards.

In the end I hope that both can survive. Though I am very doubtful. And given that Crafty Beer often has difficulty with maintaining reasonable stock levels on even local to SE23 brews, I fear that in the face of a growing successful chain of craft beer retailers it could be even more difficult for them to succeed.


I’m a huge fan of Peckham Pils from the Brick Brewery in Peckham Rye. Very clean flavour with a hint of citrus… not too much hop.


Indeed Brett, Redchurch Brewery is in Bethnal Green, and it’s nearer to here than Hackney where I cycle to for work, my cycle ride is only 10 miles, so easily within the 15 miles limit they’ve set.
incidentally if you are that way on a Friday night they (Redchurch Brewery) do have a tap room open with turntables, a darts board, and some food options.

Personally I don’t like ales that are too hoppy. I had a fantastic triple chocolate porter in The Dove (Broadway Market, Hackney) recently. Lidl also have offers on Belgium beers sometimes, which can be good.

Generally though I prefer home brewed cider, if I’ve got any in…


I’m a huge fan of craft beer, it really has completely changed my (civilised!) enjoyment of drinking. I’ve actually just returned from a month in California where the craft brew scene is really evolved - there are 500 breweries in that state alone and I had a great time tasting as many beers as a could (obviously dominated by the American IPAs but also lots of amber and red ales and some incredible porters). There were so many highlights I couldn’t single them out but anything from Lagunitas, Central Coast, 21st Amendment, Lost Coast, Drakes and of course Sierra Nevada are worth trying). I’m delighted to see Forest Hill pubs (particularly The Sylvan Post and The Signal) embracing people’s desire for better beer and the new Crafty Beer shop (as well as the potential new addition of Clapton Craft).

One thing I am interested in though is price and how people feel about the pricing of craft beer. I know there are lots of tax issues involved (although I believe micro-brews still benefit from tax exemptions) but I’m often disappointed in the expense of some craft beers. In California, I could walk into any supermarket or liquor store and be presented with fridges crammed full of different craft beers (typically they would have between 20-50 different ones on offer) and they were sold as 6- or 12-packs generally. Prices were typically around $10-14 (about £8-11) for 6 or $17-20 (£13-15) for 12. So about £1.25 per 330ml.

In the UK I typically find the standard 330ml craft beers are between £2-3 each and there is often either no bulk discount or only a very small discount. Obviously this equates to about £4-6 per pint which is basically pub price. For me I struggle to see how the price is justified. I would love to support smaller local shops and am happy to pay a small premium to do so (10-20%) but it’s hard to justify spending (say) £10 on 4 cans/bottles of craft beer when the larger supermarkets are starting to offer 4 for £5-6. Indeed, Tesco recently relaunched their craft offering and included a number of excellent US IPAs (the selection online included about 30 beers I think) and I was able to purchase 32 bottles/cans of various great beer ranging in alcohol % from 5 - 7.5% for £45. I’m comfortable spending up to £2 per 330ml but generally I’m not comfortable going above that, it doesn’t seem justified to me.

I’m interested in what other people feel about pricing and in particular what sort of bulk discounts shops like Crafty Beer offer (I recall from buying beers at Bossman Wines on Lordship Lane that I was never offered any bulk discounts and the pricing became prohibitive).


Crafty Beer will give a free beer for every 6 you buy and he might throw in another if you buy in bulk. I agree about the price in general although I will pay the price demanded! If you actually go to the brewery you can pick up a bargain - Brockley Brewery do take outs at £2 pint (it may have gone up)


Sounds like there should be organised tours to local breweries.

not volunteering


I like that idea! :beers: Any volunteers?

In the meantime, you might enjoy @Sylvanpost’s event on Friday (sadly I can’t attend as I’ll be on my stag do in Wales):


Late night. I don’t think those kick off until midnight BST.