The Craft Beer Thread


Not SE23 I know but Salthouse Bottles in Brockley are using Kickstarter to help fund a growler refill station for their new shop. I often find myself in Brockely and would love the chance to fill up on fresh beer somewhere near(ish)by. At least until Crafty Beers or Clacton Craft set up.

I’ve backed it and you could too!


I spoke to Crafty Beers on Saturday and their pump is on it’s way from eastern Europe! Yay!


Great news. I might splurge on some trendy branded growlers to celebrate. Excite!


Can someone explain this growler thing to me? In my language a growler is definately something else.


I know what you mean @starman (!) but in this context it is essentially a re-fillable container to put beer in, for example:

edit: I have also heard Peter, Flagon and Rigger to describe the same thing


Big changes afoot at Late Knights Brewery accoring to Penge Tourist Board Facebook.


Yes. The London Beer Dispensary is being taken over by the landlord.


Interesting but what?


That’s a closed group. Any chance of telling us what? Copy-paste it?


Sorry, wasn’t getting my info from Facebook so didn’t know that. AIUI, I think that the Late Knights brewery site has not had its lease renewed. They have had to cease running their bars. The LBD is saved as Mr Lawrence has appointed the current bar manager and brewer to run it as an ongoing operation. Little should change except that the Crack of Dawn, presumably, will not be stocked: Some more info here:


Ah. How long can beervkeep in a growler before going flat?


Late Knights Brewery closed and no longer trading but new company registered and hoping to be up and running within a few months . Future of pubs uncertain with a couple of exceptions i. e LBD, BBD. . New venture set up by ex chief head brewer and ex operations manager of Late Knights in conjunmction with Mr Lawrence.
Late Knights apparently had business issues.


Damn that’s a shame - some of my favourite beers were made by them. Still there are plenty of alternatives but I think the market may well be saturated at this point.


I had to google this one, as in the past I’ve only bought beer in a container to be drunk that day. Actually, the search results seemed to indicate that I am not alone, however to anwer your question the general consensus seems to be about a week if left sealed and well sanitised before filling.

Here is a link that describes the variables that could cause the timing differences:


I hate to derail a good thread but on all things alchohol and craft related I have noticed a good few signs for the Forest Hill Gin Society (or such like) in the Archie Parker etc. Looks good if you like gin and just goes to show what a bunch of alchies we are in SE23 :sunglasses:



Thats the one Chris. Maybe change the thread to the Craft Alkys of Forest Hill Thread? :grinning:


In a return to the original topic I bought some Cloudwater DIPA (v6 and v7) from the Brockley Market a couple of weeks back and have got around to trying them over the last couple of evenings (they are 9%).

Very, very nice the v6 had hints of mint which was very refreshing. If you spot one, I recommend!

Looking forward to the Brixton Brewery DIPA (Megawatt) that comes out closer to Xmas… mmmm


I had the v6 draught at the Priory Arms, Stockwell a week or two back and got Blackcurrant and Licorice boiled sweets. Everyone seems to taste different stuff


We sell this craft beer via FH Food Assembly - I don’t drink beer so am wondering if any of you have tried it & what you think of it :slight_smile: