The Craft Beer Thread


Ive tried the Strange Brew and it wasnt to my liking - however, Im more of a hoppy IPA kinda guy, so potentially the Hell Hound might be more my kind of thing


Exciting news for beer lovers - Clapton Craft confirm opening and location of Forest Hill shop…


Not sure it is good news for Mr Crafty who is a few doors down. Ill stick to buying my beer from him if he survives


So Late Nights has morphed into 2 different companies. From what I hear there was a bit of bother between two of the chaps running the company. I wont go into details as I don’t know what is true and it may veer into legal territory…

However Southey Brewing seems to have risen from the ashes in Penge while Holler Boys have moved out into the Wilds of East Sussex - a bit out of our area.

I don’t know who got what in the “divorce” but the Beer Dispensary seems to be in the hands of Southey. Not tried any of their beers yet but I used to love some of the Late Knights output so it will be interesting to see what they produce.

In the meantime I have ventured into the world of brewing myself. Not gone the full beard and sandals yet but it is only a matter of time. First barrel is “interesting” - just a kit but I am planning on building up some experience before careering into boiling malts and hops… I must get down to Water Into Beer they seem to stock hops and malt extracts - anyone been in there??


Had a couple of the Southey beers in bottles next door at Mr Lawrence - more traditional ale than craft beer style, nice enough.

Welcome to the world of home brewing Nick! Get yourself acquainted with extract brewing before moving onto all grain. Not been to Water Into Beer yet but a welcome addition (homebrew supplies in SE23 were limited to a long journey or mail order before) - they certainly had what I needed when I was enquiring. DM me if you want to talk anything through - lots of fun to be had!


Cheers James - Nice to be able to buy hops and yeasts without of much of a journey and I’ll certainly be after advise when I get further into my adventure.


Hurrah! a couple more home brewers in the local area! Do you both frequent home brewing forums? Do you also know of The Home Brew Festival? - a home brew festival delivered by and exclusively for home brewers - it’s held at Market Bosworth Rugby Club, in early June.
I should point out that I make home brew, cider mostly, but wine and beer sometimes, and I’m on the organising committee of The Home Brew Festival. my favourite home brew forum is at the craft brewing website

back on topic I’m happy that Clapton Craft are opening soon on Perry Vale, near the back entrance to Forest Hill Station.

I’m also working my way slowly through the book 1001 beers to try before you die. I’ve tried about 75 of them so far.
it might take a while!


I’m new to the brewing scene so I haven’t picked up on any specific forums or festivals as yet but thanks for the pointers. I am currently reading “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” which seems a gentle introduction with some more advanced stuff later on in the book. Lots to learn and lots of beer to drink!


Wow! :heart_eyes:

Just tried this double-IPA (9.2% alcohol!) and it’s astonishing. Tropical flavours and pine. Thanks for the good recommendation @ClaptonCraft :thumbsup:


ooch! Not too many of them on a school night.
I have yet to visit @ClaptonCraft - mainly as I have about 60 pints of home brew to get through and of course I still frequent the other shop now and then. Must pop in soonest…


Big fan of this:


Aromatic, really interesting flavour.


Google the Bermondsey Beer Mile :ok_hand: Two tops breweries on that Brew By Numbers and FourPure (amongst other great beers)


I’m doing the BBM this Saturday. Starting at Four Pure for a brewery tour at 11am, then going to Partizan, Brew By Numbers and Anspach & Hobday, then UBrew. We were going to include Kernal, but it closes at 2pm, so we might be too late for that. We’re doing it as a members event as part of more details can be found on our forum on that website.


Would love to join you but have relatives staying… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Whenever I have done it, there ends up being a new place to drop into. Last few times it has ended up being ridiculously busy at spots - not really a problem when it is dry enough to stand outside.

Am heading to a BBQ in deepest Surrey this weekend to see some beer geeks. Plan on stopping in to buy some local brews on the way to station. Anyone got any great suggestions - particularly of any seasonal ones?


I do like the DueceBox from FourPure but at 8.3% it is one to be sipped!


the duecebox double IPA was far too hoppy for me, much preferred the standard juicebox. I had 12 beers in total, finished about 7pm, home and in bed (passed out) by 9.30. yesterday I felt rather rough.


Hello all, Ben here from Clapton Craft on Perry Vale.

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is an amazing way to spend a whole Saturday although the day after feeling which I think we can all agree on… not so much, but when you drink delicious, quality beer, then the Sunday hangover isn’t so bad and at the end of the day well worth trouble.

In fact, before managing this store I was the assistant at The Bottle Shop on Druid Street, right next to Anspach & Hobday so I guess I might of met some of you all ready or maybe you’ve met Alex, my co-worker here who is another ex Bottle Shop employee who I brought on 2 months ago now.

Anyway, feel free to talk to me about anything and everything craft beer on the forum, what’s happening around breweries these days, good drinking spots in London or maybe, if you haven’t already, pop in and we’ll have a good chat. I’d love to meet more of you and build a store around the tastes of Forest Hill, something that can compliment other outlets in and around the local area.

So, for now, what’s got everyone excited in beer these days? For me, I love a good stout or porter and winter’s just around the corner. I can’t wait!


And here I was contemplating dropping by your shop on the way home tonight for some the Blank IPA from tap… after that post, I feel positively obliged to pop in. See you in about an hour :wink:


I’ll be topping up with High Wire West Coast Pale Ale and Four Points XPA next time I see you.

Good to see you getting involved on :+1: