The Craft Beer Thread


Hey armadillo,

That’s fantastic news, I’m happy to hear it! I’ll get a fresh sample ready for when you pop in later today. We’re very happy with our Black IPA in collaboration with Affinity Brew Co and it’s inspired us to brew others like it and more with other breweries too so be sure to watch this space :wink:

See you soon :+1:


Hey Chris,

It was long overdue for sure, but now I’ve got a good handle on the day-today running of the store, you’ll see me typing away a little more and getting better involved with the community through the forum.

I see you’re also a big fan of Orbit’s Ivo pale ale. I’ve not long added their range to our fridges. Did you happen to pop in when we had Claudia from Orbit in to host an in-store tasting?


I didn’t meet Claudia, no. But I did enjoy another one of your tastings a while ago. One thing I’ve found with the Orbits recently is that they’re a bit over-carbonated - they just keep fizzing! :hushed:


Agreed on the fizziness. Doesn’t detract from the taste though. Bought some on Saturday and now need some more…


Very true Hoarsewhisperer, but I’m so sorry to hear that Chris :worried:

Having traded with them for some time now, they’re usually so good with how they handle beer from start to finish, one of the best I’d say. The beers are always fresh, stored in chilled containers, and even delivered cold. I wonder if they’ve heard back from drinkers in regards to the recent over-carbonation? I’ll have to send the brewery a message, maybe it’s not something they’re not aware of?


At least one dark option for one of the taps would be good.(porter or stout preferred :slight_smile: I had to go all the way up to Walthamstow to fill my growler up with Villages Oboe Porter recently as there was nothing dark on at Forest Hill…


I had a very nice Space Ink black IPA from the taps there tonight.

At 5.8%, I was a little worried, as I’m not normally a fan of anything over 4.5%, but it went fantastically with my gormet dinner of Fishfinger Sandwiches.


Hey Eskimoboy, I’m very sorry to hear that :worried: That’s not an easy trip to make, and with nearly 2L of beer, that’s a real workout! How was Chris over at Walthamstow - was he good’n helpful? Oboe by Villages is a nice dark beer :yum: I can’t wait to taste the new batch.

Good news! I’m very excited and pleased to say that we emptied a couple of kegs over the weekend which freed up some room on our growler fill station to put on a salted milk stout. Now that we’re moving into September there should always be a dark beer available on tap as breweries will reduce the traditional summer beer styles in favour of winter ones.

What’s been your favourite dark beer this year?


I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed Space Ink Black IPA armadillo, it was a brew I was personally a part of :grin:

Did you go with the classic white bread, butter and tomato ketchup fishfinger sandwich or experiment with a little tartar sauce and rocket leaf?


The Broken Dream stout by Siren was very good.
I’d love you to get Oboe on Growler though! Will definitely pop down and check out the salted milk stout…


Hey Eskimoboy, it was great to see you last week and better yet I finally got to put a face to the username which was a bonus :+1: How’d the Growler full of salted milk stout go down? I think that must have been my first in the style a couple of years ago now and I haven’t looked back since. I’m always excited to see this beer come into season.


It was very good thanks, and it was very nice to meet you! Will no doubt be popping down again soon for a refill or it’s replacement if it all goes before then!


As some of you may know, we like to host ‘meet the brewer/ distiller’ evenings here in-store which have been a great success, in fact we have a few lined up over the next month which I’ll be announcing on both the forum and Twitter soon, but for now I’m interested to find out how many of you are home brewers? Why you ask? Well, on top of meeting the industry pros, I’d like to meet you all too and I think it’d be a hit with residents and enthusiasts alike so I’m proposing a ‘meet the home brewer’ in-store event! I’m working out a few of the finer details, but if you’d be interested then let me know and as soon as those details are ironed out then I’ll post a more official notice.

Anyway, let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you all.



YES! that’s what I like to see! some interest in home brew.
I’m a home brewer (though mostly cider, some wine, and a little beer)
I’m definitely up for some of this.


Awesome! Interest has been super positive so far which means we can hopefully turn this into a regular event :crossed_fingers:


Hi. I’d definitely be up for this too.


Lovely to pop in for a chat tonight, was fab meeting you.

Drop me an email at

See ya soon xx


It was great to finally meet you too Pauline. I hope you had a nice day off yesterday.

Feel free to pop in again anytime, hopefully see you soon.


I’m glad to hear it… although reading would be more accurate in this situation, but anyway… this is good news none the less! I’ll add your username along with Jon and a couple of others I’ve spoken to in-store and on Twitter.


Thanks to the chap in Clapton Craft who gave me a taster of a Belgian beer this afternoon. Great recommendation - I’m enjoying the extra hoppy Taras Boulba this evening!