The Craft Beer Thread


Hi Garfield. I’ll be sure to let Alex know how much you liked it. It was him in fact who picked out our range of Belgian beers for the Forest Hill store. He’s quite happy with it being a big fan of the style.

Beer and Cheese Pairing with Partizan Brewery and Neals Yard Dairy

I was somewhat sad with Crafty Beer closed leaving Clapton Craft the sole source of craft beers of Perry Vale. Don’t get me wrong. I think Clapton Craft is amazing in both beer (and gin) choice and most definately my beer retailer of choice. But they closed earlier then Crafty.

One evening last week, one of these earlier closings pushed me into Forest Hill Superstore. I was expecting to be buying 1664 but was pleasantly surprised to find a decent selection of chilled craft beers on sale including many of my favourites. It in no way matches the offering of Clapton Craft but as an alternative not bad. Plus as those in know know Forest Hill Superstore has the absolute best collection of snacks in all of SE23.


Yes I was a little sad to pull up outside Clapton Craft one night after a particularly awful day to find it shut at just gone 9 but I guess you can’t have everything. Alex and Ben are awesome and it is always a pleasure to spend my dollar in there.
I too have a soft spot for Forest Hill Superstore. The owner is super friendly and they seem to sell everything but I didn’t know about the beer.


I can thoroughly recommend the Arundel Brewery IPA they have on Growler in Clapton Craft - I think it was called Imperial. Creamy and hoppy and at 6.2% quite a strong ale. Bloody lovely.


I’m very happy to hear you really enjoyed the Arundel brew Nick. I’m looking into picking up and small line-up of their craft range so long as the Uptown NEIPA on draft goes down well with locals, but by reactions so far I think we’re onto a winner.

Have a great weekend and see you soon,

Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


do you sell the growlers? or do we need to bring our own container for the first one? 4 litre milk cartons do work quite well, but a well designed SS Growler is a wonderful thing.


Hi Ben - do you have any sours that are only mildly so? I’m thinking similar to Magic Rock’s Salty Kiss or Siren’s Limoncello or Bruery Beret?

Tried the latter two at Brewdog Tower Hill and am hoping to stock up for some warmer weather drinking - but with less distance to carry home!


Hi Jon. We sure do, sell the growler that is. Our branded glass grolwers hold up to 1.89L (3.5 pints) and through our dispensing system the beer will keep up to 2 weeks when chilled. Though when the cap is removed for the first time after leaving the store then like any beer the shelf life is greatly reduced to a day.

In regards to a 4L milk cartoon that takes me way back to my first pub job when pulling pints at a small village pub and we’d sell takeaway real ale, but fast forward to today, I can’t say I’ve ever tried it in store and our dispenser is limited by it’s overall size though if you do happen to have a SS or glass growler of your own then feel free to pop by the store and we can certainly give it a go.


Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


Hey applespider, great timing! We’ve received a fresh delivery of Magic Rock ‘Salty Kiss’ only yesterday so we’ve got plenty to go around this bank holiday and certainly with the much anticipated warm weather these should go down a real treat. In regards to Siren’s ‘Limoncello’, unfortunately we sold out last week and when asking about ordering another case or two from Siren, they to had already sold out.

Now Bruery, that’s a a range of beer I’d love, love, love to stock here though it does comes with a hefty price tag even at retail standards, but worth every penny for sure without a doubt. If there’s enough requests for it then I’d be all for ordering some in the near future.

Other sours you might like to consider that we stock would be Urban Farmhouse ‘Tartelette: Verbana’, Kernel’s ‘Damson Sour’ (750ml), Dugges ‘Mang Mango Mango’, Brekeriet ‘Picnic Sunrise’ or ‘Purple Rain’ to name a few.


Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


Thanks Ben. Likely to be down your way over the weekend and will pop in.


Fantastic, happy to hear it or should I say read it? Either way, see you then applespider and have a great week.


Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


Good to meet you Ben.

Enjoyed the Siren Pompelmocello but loved the Peckham Citrus Sour which went down an absolute treat when gardening* today. Might be back for more - bearing in mind that it’s last month’s sour. Are you open Monday? :wink:

*admittedly since only windowboxes involved, the most strenuous bit was lugging the compost back up the hill.


We sure are. I’ll be in-store all day today between now and when we close tonight at 8:00pm and then it’s back to business as per usual from tomorrow. We’ve got a handful of Citrus Sour left then we play the waiting game until the next delicious sour is released. Luckily we got someone on the inside so I’ll keep you updated :wink:

And you too, it’s always a pleasure to meet the forum members in person.

Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


Quite possibly a delicious beer, but haven’t tried it yet as it’s been doing this for the last five minutes!

Apparently we have a national carbon dioxide shortage - if only I could put some of this back into the grid! :sweat_smile:


Hey Chris,

Assuming this beer is from us and you happen to have the bottle still, would you be able to tell me the batch number for this lil’guy? It’ll either be next to the BBE date or ABV%, should start with a G. I’ll get to the bottom of this though this could be a renegade bottle as I’ve had a regular pick up quite a few now so unless they like their beer over carbonated, this one might be an odd duck.


Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


Thanks @ClaptonCraft, I’ll pm you the details.


Imo this beer is worth a visit to your local spoons which is in top notch condition better hurry though feeling thirsty.


Thank you for the tip Eric, but any tasting notes?


Firstly not Eric, colour golden amber, style Ipa tasting notes hoppy well balanced with a dry finish.


A few people have previously mentioned the London Beer Dispensary owned by Southey the Penge brewers.

They tweeted recently that they were opening a Dulwich Beer Dispensary and there is an unconfirmed report on the EDF that it will be in the old Barcelona Tapas restaurant - which is within a stone’s throw of it being a Forest Hill Beer Dispensary, if true. I am keeping :crossed_fingers:t3:

The other thing I spotted on the LBD Twitter feed was a picture of a Siren Gin and Tonic Gose from a month back. Anyone tried any? It sounds amazing! :yum: