The Craft Beer Thread


Late to this thread, but all the Peckham/Brick Brewery Sours I’ve tried so far have been delicious. (All bought at Clapton Craft, obviously!) You may also like Wild Beer Co’s Sleeping Lemons (CC again) – very light and refreshing, flavoured with preserved lemons so it has that slightly tang too.


Unlikely request, but does anyone know a good craft beer supplier in Norwich? @Londondrz?


The Dulwich Beer Dispensary is opening in the old Barcelona tapas place. Builders are in and there’s a sign to say opening on 4 October :blush:

Looking forward to it!


The guys are working hard on the new offering - we are regulars at the London Beer Dispensary and they’ve been having a lot of chats with regulars there about what might work well in the new place. Hoping it’s a big success!


London Beer Dispensary is great and I wish them well with the new opening but I think they’ve chosen a very challenging location - it’s slightly in-between places, it’s not East Dulwich, it’s not Forest Hill and I can’t see it getting much footfall and for obvious reasons it’s not somewhere you’re going to want to drive to.


I was thinking the same- I wish them well but maybe a location actually in forest hill proper might have been a winner! Probably wishful thinking!!


There are a lot of residents who live between the Plough and Forest Hill centre who currently have nowhere on their patch since The Grove closed down. They might not need massive passing footfall if they get that audience right.

Quite a few people will travel for a good choice of beers - and it’s not particularly hard to get to. There are 6 bus routes within 100m or so. And there aren’t many places within 10 minutes on a bus with this type of beer offer.

There are also a lot of walkers who do the Green Chain and come out at Cox’s Walk who won’t be far away. And quite a few teams who use the sports facilities along that end of Dulwich Common.

It will need some good signposting and advertising for the latter groups though. Fingers crossed it’s a huge success as it will become my nearest bar :crossed_fingers:t3:


I nipped into the Dulwich Beer Dispensary last night. It was quiet as it was 7 on a Monday but friendly bar team said they’d had a busy weekend with lots of locals celebrating its arrival. Smallish bar area but tables/seats and a couple of sofas inside and more space outside. They’ve kept some of the old wooden cabinets but the Gaudi-esque tiles have gone or been painted over.

Most happily, the Siren G&T gose I mentioned upthread was on tap :grin: and v tasty!


Did it just open last weekend then? Will have to have a pop down…


Opened last Thurs or Friday, I think. I was away so last night was my first chance to drop in