The Dazzling 1980s or "As you were"

:information_source: Split from Leaf and Groove

Black eyeliner and a small tail were very 80’s. I did pierce my own ear and put a very Duran Duran feather in it but it annoyed me after a few days so ditched it. Clubbing in flip flops, baggy trousers and tank tops was all the rage. If I tried that now either Greenpeace or the Japanese whaling fleet would have a field day. :tired_face:


I once used Pete Burns as a fashion influence.

There. I said it.


Not a bad choice, mine was Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins!

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I’m not entirely sure who my main fashion influence was back in the day, but this is certainly why everyone should take my ‘supercool’ definition with a pinch of salt. I think this was 1990, thereabouts anyway.


A good head of hair Sir!

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I think the hair was modeled on Japan’s David Sylvian (and so was often died blonde at the front), the cheekbones were pure Pete Murphy. The roll-neck was man at C&A. I was a confused kid.

My 21St, 1985.


Oh My Living God! I thought I was bad.


With a bit of Phil Oakey


Do I detect a flash of Bride of Frankenstein?

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I was plonked on a hairdressers chair by the girlfriends mother and told to sit still. I emerged an hour later with “unusual” hair and colours. If you look closer you can see many, many different and “unusual” colours. :fearful:

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Go on Pauline, lets see your 80’s photos!

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I’ll dig one out later :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Or shall we leave them out altogether so as not to emotionally scar those who lived through the 80s and are trying to forget them, and those who didn’t live through the 80s and don’t need to be taught its horrors.

Good music, back then, though. Just the looks

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I had to live through the 70’s as a pre teen, THAT was dreadful. 70’s fashion was dire, really really dire!

Yeah, that’s true. I won’t even mention the B** C*** R*****s.

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Flares, brown, more brown with a but more brown thrown in. Wide lapels, denim, flares, brown. Did I mention brown. And the hair. Dear God, the hair. Shudder.

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Late 80s. I have no explanation.


Folks, I think we have a winner

Please. I just ate lunch.