The Dazzling 1980s or "As you were"



I’m sure I can find one at home somewhere and post it… if I can be bothered…


I am LOVING this thread by the way… it’s what the internet was invented for!!!


Please encourage @starman to share. Sharing is caring!


There’s a particularly cheesy one on the sideboard at home which I might just have to surreptitiously scan over the weekend…


I hesitate to ask but what are you doing in this photo @Londondrz? - looks like you are starting some sort of revolution


I was in primary school for most of the 80s by the way… so no fun fashion photos of me (un)fortunately.


I had had my first beer in three months after our passing out parade. Conscription into the Military Police, fun fun fun :smirk:


He may kill you, or he may secretly love the attention!




I suggest that at a future SE23.Life meet up, everyone has to come dressed as they did in their 80s photos (or an approximation thereof).


I seriously doubt Ant of those clothes I had on come anywhere near fitting me.


Nor would my primary school clothes… but I’m sure I can find something similar to wear (we didn’t have uniforms in primary school… so generic 80s clothes would work perfectly)…

Then again, there are plenty of forum users who weren’t even born in the 80s!


We have those “Relax” t-shirts and neon shorts.


That’s not the point… need to recreate the photos in this thread in a “Then and Now” stylee…


You really don’t want a fat bloke in denim photo!


Yes… yes we do!!!


The photo you refer to is a 17-year old Jason as Bobby van Husen in the Boyfriend, a musical set in the 1920s. And depicts the outfit Bobby wore to the carnival ball so referencing even another time. So the outfit might not be suitable.


But your hair…


Oh, go on, post it up!


No you really really don’t. :dizzy_face: