The Dazzling 1980s or "As you were"



Thanks @Foresthillnick…interesting article I hadn’t seen before. New York Dolls reference too!


I’m not sure if my dazzling pics have uploaded. Memories of a misspent student life in Leeds at the ‘Phono’ and The Warehouse. 21st birthday held at Le Phonoqraphique( c’est Chic) November 1981.
And please note Gang of Four poster on the wall of my student bedroom. Just sayin’


A cracking candidate for a profile photo, @madmax? Welcome to the forum BTW :thumbsup:


Let’s see if I can organise that Chris. Surprisingly I look nothing like these pics these days.


I took the liberty… :wink: you likey?


Yes that’s fine. A remarkable likeness to what I see in the mirror daily!!


Any idea what number in Elsinore Rd?..


@SimonMartin I’d love to know too but haven’t been able to find out…