The Forest Hill artist who gives away all her drawings on the train



Liz Atkin is an artist based at Havelock Studios in Forest Hill.


What a brilliant and creative idea :slight_smile:
Nothing too OTT, but catches the eye all the same.


Liz is brilliant, I love the fact that she’s making awareness about Compulsive Skin Picking disorder - she’s an inspiration & a lovely person too :+1:


Recently had the pleasure of meeting Liz, and she was utterly charming, as well as being a genuinely talented artist. Her website has a wide range of her work, and explains the inspiration behind it.


Met Liz on the train, by chance, this morning and she gave me the #CompulsiveCharcoal sketch she was working on. Lovely to meet someone who does so much good.


Liz does Kids art classes at the community space @V22 on D Rd :slight_smile:


Liz featured in the Huffington Post [Feb 2017]: :+1:


Liz is awesome & so down to earth, she’s a complete inspiration :+1:


Today’s offering - very cool!


I don’t see it, sorry… I am sure she is lovely but I just see a scribbled frame that resembles a young child’s effort.

I guess that is art for you!


Liz’s mountain art is just mindblowing - the speed at which she draws, and the fact that she’s never been formally trained


Now that is very impressive…


Totally agree with you!


What train does she catch. I must stalk her for one.


@LizAtkin hello, here’s a thread about you Hun xx

Speak soon & you are amazing as always.

P xx