The Great Big SE4 & SE23 Raffle

There’s less than a week to get a hold of raffle tickets for the Great Big SE4 & SE23 Raffle. In the time of this pandemic crisis, this has been an outstanding effort by three local women to build support for our great local businesses.

At only £1 per ticket, the raffle fund is used to buy products and service from these indies, and helps them find their way forward. Today they have raised almost £11,000 and the raffle is closing in on 200 prizes with a vast range from £50 vouchers to favourite shops and restaurants, beauty treatments, art, classes, gift packs and hampers and even more. All contributors are paid for their products and servces. But there have been a few donations, including a very kind heart in Brockley has donated a 7 night stay in a Spanish cottage… something for someone to look forward too when normalcy returns in the future.

But the organisers offer much more to local businesses then money. Nicola, Amanda and Victoria are tirelessly promoting our great locals through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This has given much needed profiles to local businesses and at least for me, introduced me to some great new shops and restaurants.

This week SE23 Magazine have featured the raffle (then just over 6,200 tickets sold) and two of the three organisers Amanda Pearce and Nicola Johnson. Along with Victoria they have been working non-stop for almost a month to promote the Raffle and to connect with businesses to get the prizes. If you have a chance please send them a thank you note over on Twitter. But of course the best way to thank them is to buy more tickets. You’ve got only a few days left.


Crikey. They’ve sold almost 2,500 tickets in the last 24 hours and are closing in on £15,500. At that pace, the ladies of the raffle must be working full time on posting new prizes. If anyone wants tickets the raffle closes in just over nine hours so today is the last day! If it works like the one done in East Dulwich, prizes are drawn pretty quickly by the system when it finishes.

Speaking of East Dulwich, they have a second raffle underway. If I’m not shopping in Forest Hill I’m shopping in East Dulwich so worth a punt to support some of our favourite locals over there too.

ETA. It would appear the East Dulwich raffle has now ended. Sorry if you missed it.


Thanks very much to those hard working ladies and all others involved! I just signed up and got mine plus let some family over t’other side of FH know about the SE4/SE23 raffle too :+1:
Good luck everyone! :crossed_fingers:
Stay safe.


Did you win a prize? I’ve been told there were a few winners who regularly read/post here.

If you were a winner please log onto the raffall account to “accept” your prize. It’s the method by which the funds are released and the prize giver can be reimbursed by the raffle fund. Winners were sent emails so double check you inbox and spam folders.