The Grove/Barcelona



Just outside of Forest Hill - The Grove (previously Harvester) - does anyone know if there are any development plans? Seems such a waste for a great spot.

Also as a regular visitor of Barcelona, I tried to revisit a couple of times, but seems to be closed. No sign up, but have just noticed that their website states “OUR DULWICH BRANCH IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.” Such a shame, as the food was always great, but the location is not really a destination for many people, so it was never busy.

Dulwich Harvester eye sore

Barcelona was odd.
Had a couple of great evenings there but one really odd night where there was no one in but us and they rushed us at every possible stage and we were done in about an hour. Never went back.
The Grove seems like it should be a hugely successful pub down to the location - can’t believe it is still empty (apart from some rough sleepers!)


Where is this ? I literally have no idea and google doesn’t help !


If you follow London Road (the South Circular) up over past the Horniman and down the other side, the Grove is the derelict pub on the corner where the South Circular turns towards Dulwich College.

Opposite the Grove (if you continued straight on) there is a small parade of shops - newsagent, florist, takeaway, vet) and at the end on the corner of Melford Road was Barcelona - it looked a little like a big wooden conservatory.

I live nearby so went a few times but it was a bit of a strange atmosphere and the welcome/service didn’t match the food. It was also relatively pricey for the space - more of a special occasion than regular meal out.

There’s a recent thread on the EDF about the Grove. Could probably be summarised as the previous tenants still have a few years on their lease but it’s not cost-effective for them to repair/reopen after an initial fire in the kitchen and subsequent vandalism. However as they are still paying rent to Dulwich Estates, DE aren’t much bothered either. The Dulwich Society are keen on pushing DE to do something to bring the site back into use.


It’s a shame it’s derelict. An eye sore at the minimum


I know this comes under Dulwich, but it is on the outskirts of Forest Hill. I wondered if anyone knew anything about plans re. the old Harvester building on the corner of Dulwich Common? At the moment it’s an absolute eyesore, attracting flyers and posters galore. I’m surprised it hasn’t been snapped up for some development of luxury flats, considering the size of the building, and the very large car park.


There’s LOTS of threads about this in the East Dulwich Forum, if memory serves.


It has become a bar i believe. East Dulwich Beer dispensary.


Barcelona has become Dulwich (no East) Beer Dispensary and I’ve been in more often already than I was in Barcelona in last decade.

Grove is still an eyesore with little apparently happening. Stonegate still paying lease so Dulwich Estate have little interest in the community aspect. There has been a pub their for centuries so would be a pity to see only flats.


I did notice a new advert on the side of The Grove offering it for sale/to let (I forget which now) when I cycled past the other day, so perhaps there is the prospect of some movement on the site soon.