The Guava Kitchen [Now Open]

16 London Road, SE23 (old Santander building)


Whats the tropical twist?
And please tell me there will be things minus quinoa as I find everywhere seems to add it to their veggie and vegan dishes but myself and others are allergic to the stuff

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Just went in to get a coffee - very nice!

Staff very friendly. Menu looks great! I’ll be going back for breakfast for sure!


Has anyone eaten here yet???

I popped in this morning for a take-out coffee and a glance at the menu because I’ve been hoping for a healthy place to eat in our area for some time-Although I’m not veggie I tend to go to the Blue Brick Cafe in East Dulwich as I love their salads and menu generally,
The guy behind the counter was lovely and I liked like that I could get Oatmilk as an option without paying extra.
Had a look at the printed menu and tbh it didn’t draw me back for lunch.
I know its very recently opened so no doubt things will evolve but I found it disappointing seeing the only cheese option in a dish was Halloumi (what about feta or goat or vegan cheese ?) It would be nice to see more salad options rather than just 3 especially if they intend to offer a takeaway deli option.
This not a criticism I’m trying to make suggestions as it would be great to see this place thrive and evolve to being open a couple of evenings a week too.
I think it would be beneficial to all if they perhaps posted on here again asking locals what they would like to see on the menu in a vegetarian and Vegan restaurant.
By the way the interior looked lovely, nice and light and tastefully decorated.

Still wondering if anyone has eaten here yet?
I’ve peeped in the door a few times since its opened but the menu always seems the same-same salads for instance… Same Jackfruit dish as well,
curious to hear any feedback at all on wether the food is nice or not

Get in there and buy something Maxrocks!

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I was a bit underwhelmed. Great space and lively staff. But not very organised. Hopefully that was teething pains.

But the food was mediocre. My jack fruit sandwich was overwhelmed in BBQ sauce. The salad a portion sized for a child.

But I did learn that I do not like oat milk.


thanks for response.
I really want it to do well but having been in a few times (having had a decent take-away coffee in their first week) hoping to have a nice healthy salad or soup for my lunch on my day off I’ve not been tempted to part with my cash because they seem to have the same 3 salads and the same jackfruit sandwich and falafel combos, most other similar places do vary the offering a bit more.
I do know I don’t enjoy jackfruit and I don’t like Haloumi so I went elsewhere.
in response to @anon21197518 I couldn’t face paying a tenner to eat something that didn’t look or sound appetising.
I rather wish they posted on here asking us locals what kind of food we’d like to see in a vegan and veggie cafe, Beetroot Burgers, Black rice,goat cheese, lovely seasonal soups springs to mind for me…

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