The Guava Kitchen [Now Open]

16 London Road, SE23 (old Santander building)


Whats the tropical twist?
And please tell me there will be things minus quinoa as I find everywhere seems to add it to their veggie and vegan dishes but myself and others are allergic to the stuff

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Just went in to get a coffee - very nice!

Staff very friendly. Menu looks great! I’ll be going back for breakfast for sure!


Has anyone eaten here yet???

I popped in this morning for a take-out coffee and a glance at the menu because I’ve been hoping for a healthy place to eat in our area for some time-Although I’m not veggie I tend to go to the Blue Brick Cafe in East Dulwich as I love their salads and menu generally,
The guy behind the counter was lovely and I liked like that I could get Oatmilk as an option without paying extra.
Had a look at the printed menu and tbh it didn’t draw me back for lunch.
I know its very recently opened so no doubt things will evolve but I found it disappointing seeing the only cheese option in a dish was Halloumi (what about feta or goat or vegan cheese ?) It would be nice to see more salad options rather than just 3 especially if they intend to offer a takeaway deli option.
This not a criticism I’m trying to make suggestions as it would be great to see this place thrive and evolve to being open a couple of evenings a week too.
I think it would be beneficial to all if they perhaps posted on here again asking locals what they would like to see on the menu in a vegetarian and Vegan restaurant.
By the way the interior looked lovely, nice and light and tastefully decorated.