The Hill is closing down



All staff have been given 2 weeks notice.

Little Nan's Bar Forest Hill pop up

Really sorry to hear that, for the sake of the staff and management.

We had our first meetup there and it’s a cosy place with nice decor and friendly service.

I hope all the people involved find new opportunities quickly.


Me too, especially for the staff thal live in. As they’ll need to find new accommodation as well as new jobs.


Aw. thats a shame :disappointed_relieved: - The Hill’s a favourite of mine, both for Sunday lunch and the odd drink when the father-in-law was visiting. Although the wife & I don’t get out as much as we used to, when we do, we always made time pop in for a final wee drinkie on the way home to relieve the babysitter.


Apparently another was taking on the lease, but this seems to have fallen through.

Will be sad to see it boarded up as that’s what I heard will be happening :frowning:


We love the Secret Garden on a summer night. We love the quirkiness of the restaurant. Food is always good even though you may not get what your order. The interior is just strange. But perhaps in the face of more polished alternatives, or cheaper drinking holes The Hill didn’t quite fit anymore.

Sad to see it go.


It tried so many different things but just could never seem to get it right.

Sorry it’s closing though.


Such a shame. I loved working in the garden with my pink lemonade.

Best wishes for the staff. They are all amazing so im sure it’s up and on for their next exciting chapter x


That’s sad, always have had great food and great service in there. Wish the staff all the best.


I’m really sad for the staff that have to find accommodation in just 2 weeks (well a week & a half now) - I don’t know if this will be possible so quickly. So if anyone knows of any rooms to rent please let me know & I can pass on the info :+1:


I find it very bizarre that someone called “Hillview” keeps repeating my posts & others here on another local forum just after we post them here in a slightly different context. It’s happened again with this conversation :frowning:


Hillview is merely the internet echo of a used forum on a rarely used forum. I find it helpful that when I have something important to say I only need to post in one place and it automatically get repeated on another by the admin in a special account set up just to repeat what is said elsewhere. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

However, on more important matters, sad to hear the Hill will close. I hope it doesn’t remain empty for too long as it is an important spot of the high street and it has always been a nice place for a quiet drink.


I agree, I hope it gets snapped up quickly & reopens as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Time for a community project?


Not a bad idea & I’d be up for helping & sure @Michael would give great advice :slight_smile:

I definitely couldn’t take any lead role at the moment on something like this due to other commitments, but would be more than happy to help if another is able to take the lead :+1:


The other forum had a posting from Bryan:

It’s true unfortunately I’m Bryan the proud owner of the hill bar and before that question bar and before that the malt shovel it’s been a long 15 year journey and mostly enjoyable,I am now dealing with stage 4 Lymphoma of the lower bowel which is the main reason for my exit,there was a buyer in the wings but I was unable to complete the sale as I could not get my ex business partner Tony to agree to sign the lease which was required for the sale so as a result the bar will now close on Sunday the 30th of July and I will move out shortly after,I want to thank all of you for your help support and kindness over the years and know that I will miss living among you in this great place called forest hill.

Wishing Bryan and all the staff all the best for the future.


That’s really sad news. Sending all good wishes to Bryan and everyone at The Hill.


Myself and a few friends popped in for a few drinks and a meal last night. Pretty quiet but staff were their normal friendly selves. Had really hoped to enjoy the Secret Garden one more time but the weather kept us indoors.

If there are any fans of burgers in Forest Hill give the Hill a try before they close. They are the best in the area and one of the main reasons we kept going back.


I’ve never been - when does it close down? I want to make sure I go before it closes


Sunday. The last day is July 30th. Order the burger.