The Hill Pub - Too Noisy?

Hi all,

I live close to The Hill on Dartmouth Road.

I’ve noticed recently that the levels of noise from the pub have increased dramatically. A lot of revellers are spilling out the front, often hanging out across the road by the Job Centre. They are parking on the pavement, drinking and smoking weed. This often goes on until 1am.

I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this or found the noise to be a problem? Isn’t it the pub’s duty to ensure that its customers leave the premises quietly? I am thinking about contacting the council.


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Unless the situation improves I will lodge opposition when they apply to renew their licence. Sick of all the noise and all the drug dealing going on around Dartmouth Road and the adjoining alleyways and neighbouring streets.

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Never fancied going in to this new establishment. So haven’t

Think it is going in the direction it used to be. Antisocial may I say.

I’ve noticed increased evidence of drug dealing going on in the area.
including a car that regularly stops on the corner of Taymount rise and London road in the evening where drugs are quite clearly handed over from

Drug deals were happening before The Hill re-opened and I witnessed numerous deals between the late Stefania and her dealer away from The Hill. No-one demonised Stefania knowing that she was a drug addict, as the video posted on here of Stefania and her dealer clearly showed. Why do some people have a problem with drug dealing/taking now but they seemed to gloss over what Stefania and her dealer were doing for a long time till just before she passed. I am not judging just stating that this was an issue before The Hill re-opened and is not unique to them.

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Perhaps this needs to be separate thread.
Specifically about drug dealing and blatant drug taking in our area.

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