The Hill

I think this picture says it all. Some pretty strong competition for the bird in hand id say and to a lesser extent the bricklayers.


Yeah… I’m not exactly blown away by the typeface/design and the prominence of the sport channel logos. Surprised it doesn’t just say ACME PUB.
Was hoping it would be more of a middle ground between Spoons/Bird and Sylvan/Dartmouth… not wanting to be presumptuous but it’s looking like they’e aiming for the former.
Will have to see what the interior’s like of course etc etc… but if that uninspiring typeface is anything to go by… hmmmm.
Having said all that, I’m sure someone mentioned live music there previously, that would be good!

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Yeah the typeface stuck out at me. The sports logos are personally a turn off - but was expected. When they say “Craft” Union - does that have anything to do with Craft beer ?

Was hoping it does but then 'spoons supports quite a lot of small breweries so…
I suppose we’ll have to wait and see!

Well other threads have reported this new venture will be a sports bar. So I’m unsurprised by the logos.

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Ah really? Fair enough…

Yep. It could’ve been so much worse.

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I fear the long term plan for this building is for it to be sold by Ei Group ( with a restrictive covenant to stop it from being used as a pub in the future - and eventually to be converted into residential units. That sign has been made with absolutely no love for the English pub!

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What is the basis for this fear ?

It may be their goal but Lewisham has has a different opinion on this.

Hi weepy, check my post on the other thread relating to the hill. There is a bit more information there - hopefully I’m wrong but i suppose we’ll see! Thanks

Also worth reading the link to the wiki article and page 15 of this document which shows that in the past, almost a quarter of pubs sold on by Ei Group were sold with restrictive covenants in place.

The practice you suggest is not “the plan” - it sounds like remedial action if a place underperforms. It would be an awe ful lot of time and money to fit it out if the plan is to sell it as flats !

Ei Group have a Net income of £72 million so the cost of doing up the hill to run it into the ground is peanuts to them. It sounds ridiculous, but it really does happen.

But there’s a difference between doing it to recoup some losses and intending to do it from the off don’t you think?

There is, and that’s why I suggest there could be a long term plan to sell the property on with a restrictive covenant. But of course, I am only speculating and only time will tell.

I’m also not a fan of the signage but I do like the idea of a nice, comfortable refurbed pub offering reasonably priced drinks and showing a bit of tennis, rugby, football, etc on the telly.
I hope it manages to pull in a wider cross section of local people than the Bird in Hand appears to.


I suppose I’m just echoing the concerns of the CAMRA guy quoted here…

Made up this is opening. Hoping for sports and well price drinks. Have found a lot of the pubs in Forest Hill to be very expensive.

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Is bird in hand and spoons expensive ?