The Moustache


Just had a lovely lunch at The Moustache, the new cafe on the corner of Kirkdale and Dartmouth Road. It’s run by the same people who ran The Montage in Forest Hill. Great coffee, lovely food, good atmosphere (similar to the Montage with vintage furniture and 20s-40s music). Lots more space than you’d expect because the basement is done up too (and has windows because of the hill) and has a room with games for children. Great addition to the area.

Sorry, there was a thread on this before when it was about to open, but I can’t find it.


That was over on the Sydenham forum:

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Do you get a discount if you have a moustache? - I have a fine specimen :smiley:

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Certainly not if it’s drawn on
(You’re profile picture gives your little game away!)

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It’s lovely isn’t it? Great in the evenings for a nice booze as well.


Anyone know what the Montage team have been up to in the interim?


Ha! I now have moustache. Profile pic was dated. I must pop in for a tache challenge and a coffee :sunglasses: