The New York Times is loving the Horniman Museum and here's why

Of course we all knew this already!


Here’s a picture of the article. Very cool.


Really proud to have @HornimanMuseum in Forest Hill. An international treasure!


Wonder what part of London Mr Trump thinks isn’t off?:wink:


Let’s celebrate the Horniman on this public topic and keep Trump in our opt-in politics category please.

Ok. Although I didn’t comment to start a serious conversation on him, but point taken.


Another validation of our vote to have Horniman’s Walrus in the Forest Hill mural.

But more seriously, high profile media coverage like this will bring more people to Forest Hill so the FHTA should look at ways of getting this additional footfall in and around the town centre. Maybe there could be more references to the museum in Dartmouth Road - with, say, pieces of sculpture outside the Sylvan Post or pools, Louise House or the library? It’s a shame we lost the Walrus shutter art that was on No.41 but what about recent offers/suggestions for doing some free work on the shutters at the Archie Parker and Leaf & Groove?

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I’ve been meeting with Horniman about such opportunities to link the museum to the town centre. So far so good, as you will have noticed. Artwork is certainly on the agenda (as it has been for five years - but there are some promising signs).


Right there - another example of the behind-the-scenes endeavours undertaken by Michael and other members of the FHSoc to try to steer and benefit the town. I’m grateful.


The Horniman is a local, London and National treasure, and more should be done by local and national authorities to promote it. You would be surprised (or not) to know how many people, in London alone, who have never heard of it! Good luck to Michael and others who are doing something about it. About to become a member myself :grinning: