The old racetrack at Crystal Palace

For motorsport fans like myself - a nice little piece on the history of the old race track at Crystal Palace.

(Thanks to the Crystal Palace Parkrun team for putting it up on Facebook)


I used to go to watch motor racing there and I saw a lot of those old legends like Jochen Rindt, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill. It was amazing how you could hear the cars from Forest Hill and the smell of fuel and oils as you came down the hill to the track was really strong - probably too toxic for today’s health & safety though. My favorite was always the sidecar racing.


This years event & link

MotorSport at the Palace
24th & 25th May 2020

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I could hear the racing cars when I was standing in Woolstone Road.

Brilliant, Went to the park and walked what your allowed of the track back in the summer.Found it very narrow in places, Cant imagine a grid full of saloon cars making it through the glades??
As a kid living local went to most meetings cars +bikes, always on bank holidays as i remember.
Can also remember James Hunt in a F3 headline race having a punch up with Dave Morgan after having crashed with him? I think F2 where the most powerful cars that ran there, Not F1 i dont think? Good Days

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Slightly off topic but they still run cycle races at CP and if I am not mistaken some of it is on the old car track…

Tickets available now

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