The on-going saga of The Capitol being sold by Wetherspoons

I think everyone on this forum that has a Twitter account should comment on the tweet to see if he responds :+1::+1:

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Not everyone is convinced:

It’s a fair point regarding the listed status. Maybe that’s why Picturehouse have tended toward modern venues? Easier to fit out?

Two screens is better than no screens.

As for the listing, I guess it would be down to Historic England to determine what changes if any could be made to the interiors. It is Grade II listed so there could be some flexibility. I’ve seen Grade II buildings gutted.


The Beckenham Odeon is in a listed building. They’ve managed to work around it very successfully.


the article did say:

[quote=“Guardian article”]
“If anyone thinks they have got an existing cinema and wants to move on,
or an old bingo hall or just a cute space we can fit in, we’re
interested,” says Lilly.[/quote]
“Cute space” suggests to me the possibility of less than four screens.
I think you could get four screens in if you divided the hall vertically and horizontally. Possibly the two balcony cinemas would have the screen directly in front so that the main area would not need to be divided so dramatically.


Chris the same person liked the tweet by @ForestHillArts :slight_smile:

Just came across this!

Really hope it’s not becoming a church.

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We’ve been wondering why The Capitol isn’t something nicer than a Wetherspoons - it has such lovely architecture, would be a shame to not restore it to its former glory…although I imagine they are more likely to turn it into a chain restaurant of some kind…pizza express? ha. another Pizza place.

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I think there was discussion about registering it as an Asset of Community Value before, although I can’t remember the outcome. I guess the problem is that most people wouldn’t mind it changing to use provided it wasn’t to a church (not sure that’s doable with the ACV process)?

ACV process will only give a chance for a community to buy it first. Second question is can community raise the funds ( much before agreeing on what would future use be). If community can’t raise the needed funds it could be sold at an open market and the new owners can apply for change of use terms without consulting the community (by not purchasing it community is effectively discharging ACV status and the new owners are not bound by it)


The author of the blog doesn’t think much of community engagement.

Do the people of Forest Hill care enough to try to stop this? They’re not showing it yet – even though this place should be as cherished as some of the other bars local campaigners have acted to protect. Maybe they’re too snobby to save a Spoons. But they’ll miss it when it’s gone.

They say that, but they also show some images which, to me, show why the locals are not so keen to save it.

It’s a dark cavern with dated layout and furniture:


The rightly praise the building, but that is exactly what the people want to save. The author did not lavish praise on the pub itself, and seemingly neither do the locals.


Probably my least favourite pub in FH tbh. Spoons are so hit and miss and although they do some good beer it is never there when you go back. Sure they are cheap and they serve a good demographic but I am not going to morn its closing.

I’d love to see it turned into a venue for gigs, local bands or DJs, dance nights etc but I fear there isn’t much money in that these days.

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What you see is what you get. A place that’ll put a roof over head, keep the breeze out and let you have a seat whilst you get food and drink. Probably the only pub in forest hill where you can get more than 3 decent pints for less than a tenner. I’m gutted it’s going if I’m honest.


Have to agree with @anon86223367, it may not be trendy but it’s a boozer, not a hipster joint.

Apparently Foxtons are looking at opening a branch in Forest Hill…

And combining it with a coffee shop cum nail bar/internet cafe! :grin:

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I am in the great orb, Doom Bar at £2.29 a pint. Result.

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Cinema restoration please.


I Like your thinking!