The on-going saga of The Capitol being sold by Wetherspoons

I’ve changed the subject of the thread to help reduce the immediacy of this thread that started in May last year.


Totally want a trampoline park. This would get my vote.

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YES!! @Contacthannah I posted that the other week (see above), my sentiments exactly. Mulit-purpose space with a cinema would be a dream for me. Beautiful building, don’t want to see it pulled down or not accessible to public. Also agree with other comments that it needs to be welcoming for all.

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Any more news On what’s happening to this building? Thanks

Meanwhile the freeholders have sold the freehold to Romulus - the property owners and developers who converted the cinema into a Wetherspoons originally. It is no longer on the list of buildings for disposal by Wetherspoons, does that mean it’s staying?

when did they sell it to Romulus ?

Interesting. From the description on the Romulus site it would appear they have retained ownership since its days as a cinema.

Formerly a 1,500 seat cinema located on the South Circular, this property was refurbished by Romulus initially as a Bingo Hall and subsequently to its current use as a restaurant and bar.

January '16 according to the Land Registry.

I think it’s misleading, romulus are also a design and build outfit, so I think they Refurbished it on behalf of the previous freeholders in conjunction with the tenants. I can’t find any link between the two owners otherwise, so I think they just sold because they had the chance to do so amidst the publicity.

Two years later and the Capitol is still going strong. Popped in last night for the first time in years with @jgdoherty, @brencud and others to redesign the transport system and enjoy a gluten free beer.


Watched the England v Sweden game in this branch of spoons the atmosphere was electric the staff delivered excellent customer services considering it was a full house and the real ale went down a treat.

Guys disappointed you ain’t been in your local spoons to check this banger out

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Who cares? The place is a dump and almost always has been. It’s full of drunks all day, the men’s toilets are a disgrace and the food’s all the junk left out the back of Iceland. Gut it, remodel it and move on. Although I do remember its more halcyon days when you could get wankered in there for the princely sum of £15.

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I went there once with some housemates because we thought it would be a nice evening out with some cheap nosh and drink. The atmosphere is dark, the aesthetic is dated, the staff look like everything’s a chore to them. My friend’s dessert was completely forgotten about for ages and I don’t think she was even compensated for having to wait about 40 minutes for it to show up (after eventually having to remind them that she’d ordered it). It wasn’t even busy enough for food orders for that mistake to be justifiable (it was about 9:30pm on a weekday). To the person who commented a couple of years back asking why locals aren’t keen to save the pub - this is why! It’s one of the worst Wetherspoons I’ve been to. My housemate loves a bargain and even she was disappointed enough to never want to return there. There are sooo many great local pubs with friendly staff and fantastic food to whom I’d much rather give my business.

I really feel like that building is totally wasted as a Spoons. It would be absolutely fantastic if it was repaired and restored and turned into a cinema - the outside could remain historic-looking but be fixed and spruced up, and the inside decor could be made modern, plush and bright while retaining some small aspects of its history here and there. It would be such a boon for the area.


No further updates on the potential sale of The Capitol? Is it not happening anymore?

The completion of the Fellowship & Star project in Bellingham is a good example to follow.

Would be amazing to take community ownership and re-imagine the building as a multi-use cultural space with grant funding.

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I would be more than interested in restoring it and making it into South East London’s very own O2 Academy for live music!! Was there yesterday and imho it is completely wasted as a Wetherspoons!! There’s plenty more pubs round which would thrive if it had a big venue like that to attract live music goers!! I would certainly go there!! I wonder why no one has looked into that as an option?! Anyone know any reason why that would not be possible?!


I would suggest the very obvious answer of having enough capital and revenue to make a success of anything else. Suspect if you have both of these you will be welcomed with open arms.

Also the potential of sound complaints - getting permission for it would be a nightmare. Some venues are already struggling because there have been complaints from neighbours, even though the venue was there first and its existence should have been obvious!


Yep - the Ministry of Sound is perhaps one of the highest profile example of this sort of planning sillyness, though it didn’t happen in the end, this is from 2013: