The Original Jerk Cookout - Horniman Museum and Gardens

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I remember when this event was free.

Me too. But I’m looking forward to the return to Horniman next weekend.

I think the first two events were brilliant, just the right numbers of people and a very low key and happy local vibe. But success was its undoing. Word had spread and in the third year , 2009, it got completely out of hand, some 20,000 people arrived many by car, local roads gridlocked.

That was the end of it at Horniman, next year they went to Brockwell Park.


It isn’t cheap. £13 per person for the right to go to the park and buy some food. The music I’ll hear from my house if I open the window.


Yeah the last one was mental. I’m guessing that’s why it’s ticketed.


The last one was nuts - there was double parking all along the surrounding streets blocking driveways and in some cases the traffic islands. Glad it’s ticketed this time but equally glad that I’m not going to be around! :rofl:

Pretty ghastly experience heading for Crystal Palace and environs too. Didn’t Wireless get kicked out of Finsbury Park because of the problems they caused there?

There’s another one on Peckham Rye Park this weekend. The GALA festival - traffic is going to be messy this weekend

It’s sold out. Wonder how many tickets there were.

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People won’t drive to Gala.

Lol really

Well it is a day time music festival, there is no parking available and there is decent public transport nearby. I suppose the question is more why on earth would you drive to something like Gala?

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