The Perryvale [reopening for private events only]



Serving my favourite beer (Kernel Pale Ale), lovely crispy fries with the burger. Friendly service, good music too (electronica, Disclosure etc). Impressed with the Perry Vale


They also do BYOB (bring your own bottle) on Tuesday nights I believe, so you can bring a special bottle and get someone else to cook a quality meal to match.


The guys here are a lovely bunch! There’s a half price steak night too :heart_eyes:


Wish I had got there earlier now @chrisbeach that looks nice. We shall have to go back there for sure. I can’t eat solo lol


Myself, @starman and two visiting US friends went on Sat night last and had a lovely time. Really impressed with the place. Nice food and good beer/wine list. And very friendly. Sister restaurant to the Dropping Well in Camberwell (which we also used to frequent when we lived there). Great to have something lovely like this 5 minutes walk from the house!!


It seems to have cut back its opening hours recently (closed Sunday evenings, closed all day Monday, lunch Friday-Sunday only). Also doing a lot of discount offers. I’m hoping that this is a case of finding its level rather than of struggling to be viable.


The squid is amazing – they do it as a starter, but a friend and I asked for (and got) it as a main course.


I love the chargrilled “picanha” :grin:


We popped in recently for a quick steak dinner on the 2-1 steak night. Ending up having three courses and a bottle of wine. The food is fab and the atmosphere is so relaxing. There were people coming in and out to drink and have bar food all the time we were there, and a regular stream of diners until about 9:30pm when it got a bit quieter. Seems an okay level of trade to me for a local restaurant mid-week.


Absolutely. Loved it.


Went for dinner on Thursday. Delicious food and treated myself to a v pricey rose. Weird location but seems to be busy enough. Jersey royals are to die for :slight_smile:


We often go there for Sunday lunch, but since my wife isn’t that keen on sharing the chicken and they’ve ditched the pork, the remaining option is beef which puts me off, somewhat.

They also used to have a lemongrass creme brulee with cod (?) roe which was right up there as one of the best deserts I’ve ever eaten.


Not sure if covered on another thread, but this has had a rebrand. Signage now more contemporary and looks like a bigger focus on casual/comfort food rather than gastro. Slightly wider range of price points for the mains which is probably a good idea. Haven’t been in since the change though.


We went in a few Thursday’s ago for their burger and a pint for £10 deal. Was very impressed with the quality of the food and the service! The burgers are epic.


We’ve had the burgers delivered by Deliveroo - epic indeed!

The atmosphere inside has always been ‘refined casual’ (I just made that up) and it makes sense to widen their menu to reflect that. I’m not a fan of the giant purple and turquoise pears AT ALL, I loved the old branding, but I can see their thinking.

They need to get the website sorted out, though. It has shown a ‘sample’ menu since it opened!


Been there a few times in the last couple of weeks. The burger deal in quite good price wise and the quality is also good. The stakes are also pretty good.

Will definitely revisit.


Oh. I saw them on Deliveroo but didn’t look at the menu thinking it was its more sophisticated type fare.


Another delicious meal in there on Tuesday. So glad we have decent local steak!


Have eaten here many times. Food is good on the premises but I’ve been extremely disappointed when ordering via Deliveroo twice.
On the two occasions they sent me below average fries in a huge quantity (not the same crispy delicious ones they serve on the restaurant), and they got a dessert wrong. Also, in one order the burger was beyond dry.
It’s disappointing when you actually pay the same price.

That stated, I won’t ever re-order online but will happily eat at the restaurant.


I’ve had similar mixed experiences of Deliveroo from the Perry Vale. We ordered the fish and chips. The fish was as excellent as ever, but the chips were odd - a huge portion of soggy chips very unlike their normal ones. Which seems odd - wouldn’t it be more effort to have different chips for the deliveries?

On another occasion we ordered the calamari and the beet and goat’s curd salad for starters. Both excellent and larger portions than in the restaurant. My OH had the burger which he enjoyed. I had the pork belly which was all fat and no meat. But with the most delicious sauce ever.

We ate in the restaurant on New Year’s Eve and the food was great. If I order again and get odd chips I’ll definitely bring it up with them.