The Perryvale [reopening for private events only]



Haven’t tried deliveroo from the Perry Vale, but agree food on New Year’'s eve in restaurant was excellent.


Apologies for deleting my earlier post. I was trying to edit it but my phone was playing up and I ended up deleting it instead!

Anyway. We went to the Perry Vale last night and had a really nice meal - the beer battered artichokes (veggie option) were particularly good. Calamari was lovely too. It was full but service was still good.

I do like the fact that we can go for a good meal out and still walk home after :smile:

I haven’t tried Deliveroo myself but maybe not all restaurants work so well as takeaways?


Great start to the weekend:


Those poached eggs look perfect.


Had a wonderful dinner at the Perryvale tonight. Their sharing dishes are becoming a bit of signature thing. Tonight’s special was a beef and ale pie for two. As you can see, it was huge. And all eaten.


I saw you through the window with your family on my way home, bit stalking lol just smiled and thought glad people support it, I have never been there but the brunch pics from today made me want to go


Not a pie. Casserole with lid. :grin:


You people are great!

The way you’ve all jumped in to support a member of your local community who’s down - it’s lovely to see.


You didnt each the crusty bits!!! :scream:


Back to the Perry Vale today to try out their express lunch. Chicken, avocado and bacon sandwich plus a huge bowl of sweet potato fries. Delicious.


Visited at an off-peak time today but sad to see the place empty. It’s a great local business, really friendly and the food was great - fresh, hot and tasty.


How much did that cost? There in lies the answer. Went into the Signal, chicken and chips for two plus gin&tonic not much change fron £40.00


£12.50 for fish and chips. Menu here:


Great meal in the Perryvale tonight. The new menu makes it much more suitable for casual weeknight dining. It was pretty busy too, which was wonderful to see.

I had the buttermilk fried chicken which was just perfect. OH had Cajun salmon which he said was very nice, but not as good as the Cajun salmon I make. :wink:



Are they still open for lunch Wed to Fri?


And Saturday of course plus Sunday roast?


It looks like they’ve given up on lunches on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which is a shame. Opening times here:


That’s a bloody small burger judging by the size of the toothpick stuck in it!


Thanks Rachael… I did check that out but hoped it may be out of date.
Pity they’re not open for lunch on those days. I used to love going there for lunch and miss Roy, Damien and the others.
Was rather disappointed when I went with four friends a few months back but will try again.
At my advanced age I can’t let myself out at night too often!


Went to the Perry Vale yesterday early evening.
Really excellent cajun salmon, avacado, feta and salsa- couldn’t be bettered.
Lovely manager and staff; excellent service.