The Perryvale [reopening for private events only]



What a coincidence!
I was gonna go there for their excellent fish ‘n’ chips with a roll but as they’d run out of flour - couldn’t be battered.
Oh, and as a futher coincidence, their delivery of Lurpak hadn’t arrived - roll couldn’t be…


I remember now from going before that they did run out of things What a pity - it’s these small things that matter. Remember no tartare sauce at one visit - we couldn’t make it why they just didn’t go and buy it from the shop next door!


Er, think (hope!) @Anotherjohn was joking? (Bettered - battered -buttered)

We went again tonight and I had the buttermilk fried chicken again because it is so delicious! OH had a perfectly cooked lightly charred steak with a lovely peppercorn sauce. Plenty of people in - families, couples, groups of friends. Really good to see.


Got that but it did remind me of their running short of things - had forgotten


Fair enough. Hasn’t happened to me, though, and I’ve been pretty regularly recently. Hopefully any issues like that have been ironed out.


I’m sorry.

It’s a great business working hard to maintain good standards so I apologise for my stupid joke having reminded you of one of their early teething problems.

Hold tight, I’ll change my crappy joke to suit.


It’s too early.
Brain’s not working (as if it ever is!).


Hi All

Sorry to be the barer of possibly bad news & I definitely hope I am not :frowning:

The Perryvale has not reopened after their holiday & a lovely customer of theirs & mine came to speak to me today to say they haven’t reopened after their holiday.

They then called The Crooked Well (the sister branch in Camberwell) to ask what was happening as they are regulars at the PV & love it, but were told they thought the management were closing it down.

I really hope this is not the case as I think this is a great business in FH.

@Jenn can you confirm anything either way for us please, I would be really sad to see The Perryvale go, and sure many more will be too xx


Me too :frowning: - it’s a brilliant local business


I really hope this is wrong, but sadly don’t think it is.

If FH residents want certain businesses to stay they have to use them!

I can certainly tell all if locals don’t shop at independent shops they won’t stay, siimple as that and that’s sad as I think we all love the quirkiness of our High Street.

Says me that doesn’t eat sweets, so I can’t support my own shop - but thanks to all that do :lollipop::lollipop:


Sad as it is, maybe that is just the locals speaking about their needs and likes.
There are some fantastic local businesses about, nifty ideas, innovative etc. But as we see time and time again, not all will work out.

Can’t simply start eating out more, consuming more fish, etc just because a local business is struggling.

Hope the assumptions about the PV are wrong, lovely place, but time will tell.


Opening a shop on that side of the tracks is just incredibly hard unless you’re a niche business like the outdoors/ski store (you look it up and go there with a purpose).

If you’re a business that relies on random people walking past, forget about it. You should see The Signal anytime there’s something on at Horniman. It’s rammed. And I bet most of that is just random people who see it when they come out of the station.


Guys, let me tell you it is no easy task opening a business in FH.

But if you have the passion, love where you live, and are prepared to go that extra mile for your customers - you can do it!.

It’s called giving it your all in my language, that’s just me :slight_smile:

Happy weekend all :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The Perry Vale has been on the market for a long time.


Sad if true. I agree about the location. I think to make a success of that unit you really need to make it a sort of destination place as the footfall isn’t high enough otherwise. I do think this is what they were trying but it’s very hard to achieve.


I hope this is not to do with that internet attack on them. That was terrible.


Completely agree with you on that appletree x


It’s no secret that I’ve loved the Perry Vale from its first incarnation as FH’s first ‘proper’ restaurant, all the way through to its current incarnation.

Several times over the summer I met OH from the train and we had dinner from their revamped diner style menu. It was always busy and perfect for a weeknight dinner - in and out in roughly an hour. I wonder if a new venture could build on that. A really good burger joint / diner would pick up more passing trade.


The thought of a community-run enterprise that flexes its muscles against small, true independents like Archie Parker and Aga’s Deli makes me feel quite sick.


I heard a few weeks ago from one of the staff that this might happen. It’s such a shame if true. I’m surprised because it seems to do relatively well.