The Perryvale [reopening for private events only]



This is such a shame. I am surprised as whenever I have eaten in there it was full.


Is it really 100% certified shut?


I hope not, as it’s a great business in FH, and it would be sad if it went :frowning:


Perhaps Little Nans would consider it as a permanent venue?


It really would be a shame, it is/was a great addition to FH.

I’m pretty sure there was a private party going on in there last week sometime when I walked past. Maybe a one-off, or a closing down do?


This makes me very sad and I hope it’s not really happening. I always had a good experience eating there, the staff being lovely and the food was great. It felt like the perfect neighbourhood restaurant. Let’s just hope they’re a bit late re-opening!


I walked past today and it doesn’t look promising. No signs, no menus visible. No reassurance that the closure was temporary. What a shame.


This would be a real shame. I’m quite surprised as whenever I was there it was pretty busy. But I guess the amount of turnover you need to run a restaurant is pretty high


What are you referring to?


A post that has been deleted.


I see what you mean.
My comment was a response to an earlier post that has disappeared.

Contemplating a new casual-dining restaurant/cocktail concept in the area



Maybe the various pop ups/supper clubs that have happened in FH could take on the PV for short stints?
Dont want to upset the Allinone but from what i have seen they proved popular and having a venue for guest chefs would be great?


Good to have the confirmation, but what sad news :frowning:


Absolutely…I have no clue at all about running a business but it doesn’t sound very sustainable against how much they must be paying for the place. I’m really sad about it, like @RachaelDunlop I was fond of the place.


I’m surprised at the idea that because something is on the ‘other side of the tracks’ people don’t go to it. Similar comments made on the thread about Waters. Neither business is exactly miles from the centre of Forest Hill, and people do live on the other side!


I hope you’re not suggesting that I’ve said this.

I’ve been in Forest Hill for nearly 50 years and I remember Finches from way back then - and they’re still on of THE most important businesses we have here.

I was one of the first people to be shown around the whole of Water’s shop and I immediately got on the forum to tell everyone about their ambitions when people had already started to doubt it.

I campaigned hard for 2hrs free parking in Perry Vale car park to benefit all the businesses on both sides of the track.

So comments like these are barks up the wrong tree if they’re aimed at me!


I dont think anyone is suggesting that there are any comments on this forum that have led to the demise of any business wherever they are located.
It is simply market forces, price competitiveness and reputation that will serve up success.


Another John, my message wasn’t replying to you, it was replying to another poster who had suggested that being on the other side of the tracks was a disadvantage. I definitely clicked that person’s post to reply but I think maybe they had replied to you so it came out looking as though I had replied to you. I’m new to the site, so maybe I’ve not got the mechanics of it right yet - apologies if I’ve caused offence to you.


Hi @emmamay - apologies, the technology of this site can be a little fiddly to use and I’m always looking for ways to improve it. I don’t think any harm was done here, right @Anotherjohn?