The Perryvale [reopening for private events only]



Although they Perry Vale had promise, in all honesty, the 4 or so times I ate there it wasn’t great. Hence I’d not been back in about a year. It’s a shame that another food premises isn’t opening instead though and it will just be dead space


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I’m assuming this private functions operation is a stop gap to get at least some money in while they try to sell the business.

It was interesting yesterday to see a post about Parlez in Brockley alongside this news. I had a look at their website and opening for breakfast and lunch seems like a fabulous idea, I really hope they can sustain that. I was always surprised the Perry Vale didn’t really really push a lunchtime or coffee hour opening. They did it a bit half-heartedly and inconsistently and never updated the website so I was never confident they would be open during the day. Running a restaurant is a game of brinkmanship, and it only takes a few wrong decisions to put you on the back foot and unable to regain ground lost.

I do think the Perry Vale site can be successful. The All Inn One has done really well with pop-ups desipite being even further from the station and on the wrong side of the tracks. I understand that some pop-ups bring with them their own customers, and can be nimble with marketing. But I do think it demonstrates that any perceived disadvantages of location can always be overcome with the right offer.


Hello EmmaMay - and welcome!

I’m sorry to have stirred up a bit of a fuss over a mere misunderstanding.


On the Hoof bistro in Sydenham is now not open for dinner - just breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea etc but is open throughout the day. They appear to be a thriving business.

In my opinion, consistency is key in any business. Where a business changes in any way,if customers are told and given reasons, and there is only an occasional change, the damage if any is minimal. However, constant chopping and changing rings alarm bells and leads people to believe something is amiss.

With the Perry Vale there were many changes in a relatively short time in chefs, management and staff as well as in opening times.


It was a pretty understandable misunderstanding though, given it looked as though I’d replied to you! But on the plus side it was great to find out about the work you’ve been doing for perry vale. And thank you for the welcome :-).


We happily cross the tracks to places like Clapton craft, All Inn One, the Perry Vale in the past etc. just hope we can all keep our great independents going.


As a very regular Sunday dinner at the Perry Vale, I’m pretty gutted it’s effectively closed down. Their roast chicken was excellent and the only (minor) gripe was that the brilliant desserts they had on opening (the cod roe creme brûlée for example) were replaced with something less ambitious.


I think if I took the train more, I’d remember to explore that side of the tracks more perhaps on the way home. But I forget to take a wander across unless I am going for something specific like beer which invariably means I miss interesting openings.


This is a real shame. And surprising since I always thought it was fairly busy…?

I will say though that my partner and I had stopped going after a few bad experiences of very poor (and slow) service. We want to support local restaurants (we eat in Forest Hill a lot) but after having the same happen twice in a row, we didn’t go back. In theory, it was exactly the kind of place we’d want, but in practice it just didn’t work for us. Perhaps we just happened to have a couple of bad nights.

That said, it’s sad to see what seemed like a popular restaurant go. I always felt it added massively to that side of the station.


I always found the service to be slow, but also the last time I visited, the person serving couldn’t understand English, so they had to keep asking someone else to help.

Thought that the coffees were not good (how can you make a bad coffee?!) and food/drink was over-priced.

Still a shame though, and is a waste of prime space if another business cannot take over for general use. They probably need some signage to explain what they are actually using the place for.


I was actually going to ask about posible pop-up places in SE23.
I am a local chef and mum and I am doing a modern Romanian food pop-up in Nunhead on the 17 November but I would like to do a few locally.
I will contact them to see availability.
Find us here:
Facebook: /labounícapopup
Instagram: labouníca

Venues for pop-ups in SE23

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The Perryvale tweeted this today:


A 1-day vegan kitchen I think. Unless its something more.


This is exciting news. It’s a great location, the inside is lovely and staff were great. They just got the proposition wrong. Fingers crossed for this.


“First clue”


I saw that on Instagram earlier - could it be reopening as a vegan restaurant?


Looks like a pop up?!


Definitely just a one day pop up. This is on their Instagram: