The Pink Walrus. Forest Hill's New Gay Night


Who’s coming “out” at the Signal on January 27th?


Will be there with 4 friends gotta sort the tickets out looking forward to it


Okay if you are both going to be there I might have to pop by to say hello as I’m sure it will be a fun night :rofl::rofl:

Erm I’ll just be coming out to say hi .& join the fun guys xxx


Hey all, can’t wait to see you at the Signal on Friday for our first Pink Walrus night.

Buy tickets at to avoid dissappointment!



So who’s going next Friday. @ThePinkWalrus… anything special happening?


Hey! Buff up your tusks and flop out your flippers! It’s time for Pink Walrus #2!!!

Tickets selling fast and it is shaping up to be another fabulous night!

Entertainment will be provided by FoHo’s own COSMIC with live music from our special guest star Katie Eckland. All this plus DJ Queenvic spinning tunes until 1am. Do try to book online in advance though as we have limited capacity and it filled up last time.


There are still some tickets on promo for £5 at using the promo code I LOVE YOU


What kind of music is it?

Can I suggest a playlist, if I get time :+1::+1:

ETA I do love a bit of amateur DJ’ing & happy to put a list together for free if you like :hugs::hugs:



All this kind of thing & more, would love to do you a playlist


Amazing! Thanks Pauline! You have been strangely presentient about requests - our DJ IS taking requests and you can post them on facebook on The Pink Walrus page or else I can pass on to him from here.

Music is usually an ecclectic mix of floor fillers from 70s, 80s, 90s and contemporary. Bit of disco, bit of electro, with a few curve balls thrown into the mix. Went down well last time and dancefloor was still full until after 1am!!


I’ll send a playlist :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ve done a few old skool music nights in FH so my playlist will be pretty mixed & nostalgic :slight_smile:


Can’t resist posting this

Hope you have a lovely evening & let me know if your happy for me to go Wild on that playlist!

Can mix and send an hours worth if you like :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Can I suggest that you give tickets to local shops to sell , i don’t have a problem to pay although I believe £5 would be a fair price but ticketsource is charging admin fee and then an additional fee to get the ticket as a mobile ticket, I understand you can print the ticket out for free but that is not convenient for everyone so a ticket comes to £7 pounds per person, again that’s ok but you end up to pay the same at the door so there is no beef it to book in advance. Great night last time and looking forward to Friday just wanted to bring it to your attention what could be improved :smiley:


Hey, sorry for late reply on this. We have now switched to using Outsavvy to sell tickets online and this month they are a fiver. Outsavvy take the booking fee out of the £5 instead of adding it on top so you should only have to pay £5 and nothing more.

Link is here:

Next night is The Magic Flipper with comedy magic from local magician Ada Campe and tunes once again from DJQueenVic. Really hope to see you down there.

Dan x


Thank you very much for your reply, really appreciate the change and very impressed you took action about the feedback


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