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Just had a taster from their new menu. Pulled pork nuggets with chilli mayo. A slice of heaven just danced lightly across my tongue. Sublime, truly Sublime. Plus they are playing Leonard Skinner. Win, win.


And if you become a “Friend of FH library” member come September you will get a 10% discount here and many more!

Shhh don’t tell everyone yet that many shops & businesses will be offering this otherwise we’ll be snowed under with everyone trying to join if Mayor & Cabinet decide to have us :joy::joy:

And if you use local businesses it will be a money back guarantee (just saying not legally) at £20 a year, only around 40 of us will be offering this!

Shall I share the list on the library thread to get you all excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Quite impressed with the steak yesterday. Tender beef, crispy fries and baby gem and shallots made a good accompaniment:

Menus here:


Last night I had their boneless chicken thigh bucket with skin on fries.

It was amazing!

Three types of boneless thighs; fried buttermilk, chimichurri and maple & bacon dust. The fried buttermilk was the star of the show but only just ahead of the other two. There were two dipping sauces which just elevated everything.

I’m salivating just remembering it right now.

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That would be heaven for me.

Now I have to go!

Has anyone had their Sunday lunch recently? I had gone a few times about a year ago but wasn’t particularly impressed other than the chicken which they do amazingly well with the spit roasting.

I’m hoping this has improved!