The Week UK: London’s best Indian fine-dining restaurants

The Week have a quick top 5 of Indian fine-dining restaurants, which among the Mayfair and Chelsea usual haunts, features local stand-out Babur - well done to them!

  1. Benares (Mayfair)
  2. Bombay Bustle (Mayfair)
  3. Babur (Honor Oak Park)
  4. Flora Indica (Earl’s Court)
  5. Kahani (Chelsea)

Well done to Mayfair, at least now they can boast one thing that makes it better than Honor Oak.

However, £2000 to stay in a hotel seems a bit much, especially when you haven’t passed Go for a round.

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Seems if you want a successful restaurant in this category, make sure it’s name starts with B. By the time the judges get to the ones starting with C and over they can no longer eat.

Well done Babur, another in a long line of accolades.