Theft at local Sainsbury’s Honor Oak Park

Man hides Boris bike in private area behind someone’s car they removed this and he seemed so was angry about bike being moved and touched.
This seemed to mess his escaped plan like they knew what he was up to. Though a few of us saw he had a a basket full of goods. He shouldn’t of even been there or using someone’s car like that either. I would say a few people or more saw him. Also he used someone’s garden to hide the goods to sort himself out. Well he did act bizarrely.


There’s quite a few shenanigans that goes on there. The homeless guy who often sits outside Sainsbury’s will often relieve himself by the side of Jumping Bean, and i’ve seen people rummage through the bins round there to pick up sainsbury’s bags to use to fill up and walk out without paying. Maybe if the security guard spent more time monitoring what was going on than being on his phone or chatting up the ladies, it might not be so much of an issue.