Theft from car on Ebsworth Street

Be aware, someone broke into our car last night, they just stole a few cds and USB lead. A shame on the night we’re all thinking of the NHS and our community, others are choosing to steal.


Who steals CDs in 2020! But sorry about your window I think thief’s are frustrated with us all being at home.

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I agree! It’s just a case of having smashed the window, well might as well take something I can sell for a couple of pounds…

I hear there was a car broken into with similar low-value theft on Como Road last night too :frowning:

Apparently there’s a guy doing the rounds, known to police. He somehow opens cars electronically and is careful not to leave fingerprints so hasn’t yet been caught. So he didn’t smash the window just managed to unlock the car ?!?!?!
He is around 40, balding, and according to police a crack user.
So not sure how we can prevent it if he can unlock electronically.

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You may be able to disable the electronic locks and use the old-fashioned key locks instead.

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