Theft from vehicles

Had someone break into our roof box last night. Luckily nothing stolen as it was empty but irritating never the less. I heard a noise and looked out the window which may have scared them off. Wuck Fits.

Lots of opportunistic tossers around at the moment so be careful.


Got this aswell today via email!

"We have been made aware of an incident that recently occurred in the Honor Oak area of Forest Hill, where an individual attended a residential home to sell the owner cleaning products from a rucksack.

Though there have been legitimate schemes such as this in the past, could I urge you, if such an individual presents themselves to your home in this fashion to please ask for identification and take steps to confirm their identity and legitimacy of the company they are representing.

If in doubt, please contact your local police on 020 8721 2721 or by ringing 101 if deemed a non emergency or 999 if you feel you need police assistance immediately"


While I appreciate the sentiment of the warning (presumably from SNT?), I wonder how practical it is.

If a kid shows up at your door and says he’s in a youth volunteering scheme to help rehabilitate young offenders and shows you a laminated name card that could have been done in any internet café and a £3 tea towel, what are you going to do? Take out your smart phone and start googling the name of the organisation? Call 101 and say there’s a boy selling cleaning products at your door? Or just buy the tea towel/politely decline?

The thing is, I reckon that - if it’s not a legitimate business (and it could just be someone lying to get sympathy so he can flog overpriced rubbish - which isn’t exactly saintly but it’s hardly crime of the century) then there’s a good chance that the dastardly deed was done at the time you opened the door. To the extent that any of these people are nefarious street urchins, they’re probably more interested in finding out that No 12 has no one at home, No 14 has a great big dog, No 16 has a deaf little old lady,…

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I had heard, though perhaps anecdotally, that these young guys are being exploited by more nefarious organised crime types. Working to pay off debts they can never repay after bogus costs have been deducted.

That wouldn’t surprise me. Terrible.

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Me neither, it’s really shocking things like this go on :frowning:

This thread makes me feel really uncomfortable thinking that there may be a possibility of something bigger happening & local kids may be being exploited.

I really hope I am wrong!

This is a part email from Forest Hill boys School last week when a couple of kids were robbed.

I really hope there is no connection, but as a parent I can’t help wondering.

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to inform you that unfortunately over recent days a number of our students have been robbed in the street as they travelled to and from school. I have obviously reported this matter to the Police and we are working closely with them to identify and apprehend the people responsible. I have also requested an additional presence from them around the school and local neighbourhood before and after school each day.

I don’t want to alarm you unduly but I thought that it would be wise to remind you about sensible things the boys can do to keep themselves safe, such as:

· Travelling on the main roads where there are other people
· Travelling with friends if possible
· Taking the bus - even for shorter journeys
· Not cutting through side alleys or taking short cuts through the Estate on Bampton Road / Mayow Park
· Not stopping to talk to people you don’t know
· Staying alert and crossing the road (safely) away from potential dangers – or taking other sensible evasive action
· Not having phones or other valuable items out on display or highlighted by wearing visible earphones

These suggestions have already been shared here at school, but I hope that by alerting you as parents, you will take the opportunity to review your son’s travel arrangements and consider how he can best keep himself safe as he travels to and from school.

I do hope that this proves to be helpful and that we have no further problems, however if an issue arises do report the matter to the police and also please let us know at school.

With regards