Thief steals shoes in house today FOUND ๐Ÿ˜€

A thief broke into our house landing, and stole one each of our shoes, which were on a shoe rack upstairs outside my flat door, early this morning.
Please check your dustbins to see if someone has dumped a bag of shoes in there. This is all so senseless.

Sorry about this, how annoying. It sounds very strange, did the person / people take anything else?

Do any of your neighbours have ring type video doorbell? Might be worth asking if anyone has any footage around the time this happened.

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Sounds nuts, but is there any possibility a fox or a dog might have got access? Shoes have magnetic attractions for them.

It would be odd if a dog randomly selected only individual right shoes and not even any left ones or even pairs. This is so weird.


Feels very very odd and a bit creepy if thereโ€™s a thief with a shoe fetish. Or perhaps someone who tried to break in properly, couldnโ€™t and decided to annoy you on principle? Were any of your neighbours targeted too?

Do you know that someone broke in - and it wasnโ€™t just kids seeing a door accidentally left open and playing a joke? Or, and appreciate, this might be unlikely but a neighbour who doesnโ€™t like your shoes being in the hallway and wanted to make a point?


Just a thought. Do you have a place with a shared hallway (e.g. where others may pass by the shoes, you did mention that they were outside your โ€˜flat doorโ€™)? If so, it could be some kind of elaborate protest! Others may not wish to see your shoes every time they pass your door. However, even if this was the case, perhaps a better way of them dealing with it would have been to raise the issue with you in the first instance.


Iโ€™m in the top flat, so my shoe rack is no bother to anyone else, as they canโ€™t see my top landing.
I donโ€™t believe it! :flushed:
Just found 3 of my shoes in the street at the back of FH Sainsburys.
Absolutely Bizarre. All OK.


Glad you got some of the back. Very surreal experience though