This isn’t The Circle — or is it?


In my mind at least, there is something slightly creepy about those ‘it’s been a while…’ and ‘first post by…’ messages. (I expect this post will attract one of the first kind!) Anyone else think so?


I’ve noticed these coming up recently on another Discourse-based site I admin.

Presumably it’s there as a reminder to seasoned members that the person that just posted is new to the community, and to go easy on them. That said, they could also be a long-time lurker.

A quick flick through the settings doesn’t show an obvious way to turn them off, however.

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I also find them slightly creepy - though can’t quite put my finger on why, exactly. I guess it’s just that sense that one’s movements are being monitored.


Will have a word with the other mods to see if we can do anything about it

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More information on this feature:

We can alter who sees the notice (for example, showing it only to verified members, or only to mods, say), and we can also tweak who it considers a “returning” user to be.

For now, let’s decide whether who we want to be able to see the messages:

  • Show only to TL1+ members
  • Show only to TL2+ members (current behaviour)
  • Show only to TL3+ members
  • Show only to mods

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Heh, I was just about to link to the very same page. Personally I would say that the first time posting is probably useful information (i.e encourages folk to go easy on new members), but the returning user notice is probably unnecessary.

That said, I’m new here, so I’ve no idea how this particular community works yet :slight_smile:


This sounds about right to me!


What does everyone prefer?

Returning Member Message


  • Show “returning user” message (current behaviour)
  • Hide “returning user” message
  • Don’t mind

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New Member Message

  • Show “new user” message (current behaviour)
  • Hide “new user” message
  • Don’t mind

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Thanks for the feedback @DickWynne, @promofaux, @jonfrewin and those who voted.

I have hidden the “returning member” messages as per the poll. Will leave the “new member” messages.