Timber, bricks and gravel

Dear All

I am looking to transform my garden from it’s current state of “does anyone actually live there?” to…well, let’s be honest, “it looks like a really lazy, and pretty cr@p, gardener lives there”

I want to do this using as much recycled material as possible, I plan on creating a garden from items that would have normally gone into landfill. My beautifully naive plan requires the following…

Timber - Prefer planks, size not important, just needs to be able to get stained and stay outside, for eternity i.e. pallets etc.
Gravel - Gratefully received
Mirrors - Yup, it’s a small garden… need to make it look bigger and brighter
Bricks - for very un-Trump like activities #usingbricksforgood

And that is it, whilst I await to see what comes forth I shall continue my Pinterest image gathering.

…It’ll be an interesting experiment for sure…


There’s been a wooden pallet on the pavement in Como Road (Woolstone Road end) for a while now. It’s leaning against the front garden fence (I think number 145 or nearby) so I assume the owners are happy for someone to take it.

Look out for skips (obviously) and maybe ask the homeowners if they’ll be discarding bricks etc in advance and they might put some aside for you.

Lastly, I wouldn’t bother with mirrors - too much risk of broken glass. Tiny shards of glass in soil is not a good combination…

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I’ve got loads of plant/flower pots of various sizes (v small to v large), and a large white plastic planting trough which is about 130cm wide - collection from Kemble Road. DM me if interested.

Thank you, I shall head down tonight

Aww, thank you. Mine appear to have been breeding as I am knee deep in those, thank you though

Plastic mirrors are available. As mentioned pallets, Lidl, Aldi, supermarkets may be happy for you to ask as would builders merchants. Also have a scout around for building work being done and old bricks in skips, always ask of course.

Happy hunting!

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Modern manners question then: Do we have to ask to take things out of a skip? as well as put things in a skip (How do I get rid of a tiny amount of building waste?)

Why do we need to ask if we want to take stuff out? Do people use it for storage?

Because asking doesn’t cost and politeness in our modern society is lacking.

Plus, a number of times when I have knocked on doors asking if I can skip dive I have got chatting to the house owner and walked away with goodies that were not in the skip. And I got to meet some really nice people I would ordinarily not meet.

Finally, I just like being polite, call it a calling if you will :slight_smile:


Yes please to plastic mirrors.

I don’t know if there is a way of messaging you directly through here… if there is, it’s hiding (probably in plane sight) from me

I’ve enabled this for you. Please tap a username / avatar then tap :email: Message

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Hi Grin71, sadly I don’t have any. It was a suggestion to avoid going down the glass route. Try some of the local glaziers as they may have offcuts of acrylic mirrors.

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Thank you

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